Rayman Crossroad
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Developer(s) MysterE Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Release Date(s)
Buffet, Sports, Trailer, Spectral, Brawl
Age Rating(s)

Genre(s) Action-Platformer
Series Rayman
Predecessor Rayman Legends
Successor none
Rayman Crossroad is a 2D game made by MysterE Games, published by Ubisoft, released in 2015. It is a sequel to the game Rayman Legends, and the last game in the Sequel Trilogy. It is the 6th main game in the Rayman series. It includes many elements from previous Rayman games, and introduces many, like the feature that allows the costumes to have their own abilities. It will include the long awaited return of Mr. Dark, though he has been redisigned to have a more sinister appearance, though he still maintains his sighnature hat and cloak. Music levels return, and something called an Exit Level appears at the end of every world. Every world includes an exclusive type of creatures to save in every world, for instance, World 1 haves you save Teensies, while World 2 has you save Colorfish.


The gameplay is similar to Rayman Origins, and Rayman Legends. The player goes through a 2D landscape. They go through trying to defeat the ultimate threat. The player can also collect the sliver lums, which will allow the player to an exclusive level that will help the player in the final world, Dark Dreams Mountain. The player can also access the blue punches after saving Teensy wizards. They can also access the Super Punch after collecting one billion lums. The game introduces a new feature, a feature that makes every costume have a unique ability, for instance, the four-armed knight costume can allow the player to use four swords.


Sports Mode

The Sports Mode allows players to play many sports, including Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Volleyball. The player also gets to design there own costumes after famous stars of the paticular sport!

Buffet Mode

You basicly stuff your face! You can enter online Co-Op and face off in hot-dog or pie-eating contests. Or you could place your bets on who will win. There are rules such as:


Brawl Mode The player faces off in Mortal Kombat-like brawl. They choose their favorite costume, and face off to the death! There are many different arenas, threre are only 5 when starting out...

Spectral Mode

The player chooses the Spectral Beast, like a duck, a tiger, or even the mighty DRAGON! The player must go in a spectral showdown with NPCs!

Trailer Mode

You actually play through the trailer! It is an ultimate challenge. There are four trailers you can play through. Can you conquer the trailers?

Story Mode

It all began long ago, in a world lost to time. The Rayman series has had many magical and wacko games, and Crossroad is no exception. The heroes must deal with the return of an ancient enemy, and the ultimate threat. With the world they love in ultimate danger, the wacky heroes must go on an adventure most can only 'dream of! 


It begins with a cinematic cutscene explaining what has transpired. It begins in a cave, with many paintings on the walls. A voice is heard. It explains the origin of Rayman, the greatest hero any world could ever dream of. Polokus, the dream god, could create something just from dreaming of it. One day the god had a... BAD DREAM! This demon called itself Jano, and  it multiplied. Polokus inlisted the nymphs to create a hero to save the Glade of Dreams! So they did, though, with some unexpected results: He had no limbs! They sent the hero off to defeat Jano! The player must play a tutorial level, ending with a tutorial boss, Jano. Then the voice can be heard again. It shows pictures of Rayman facing off against many of the enemies he's faced, but it stops on Mr. Dark, as Rayman never truly defeated him. The voice wonders if Dark is still alive... Then, his evil laugh can be heard.

World 1: Livingstones Rising

It begins at the moon. The 5 Dark Teensies are still being tortured by the mysterious beings. Then, they are scared off by something. The Dark Teensies are pulled out one by one. Then they see someone they thought they'd never see again: Mr. Dark! Dark explains that he needs them to pull off his ultimate plan: The destruction of the Glade of Dreams! He activates a portal, and puts the Magician back to one, and they enter the portal... Rayman and his friends relaxing at the Snoring Tree. Then, they are suprised as Murphy comes to them screaming! Murphy tells them that the Teensy village is under attack by their old enemies, the Lividstones! The Bubble Dreamer (A.K.A Polokus) inlists Rayman, Globox, and the two Teensies set off to defeat these old foes once and for all! The heroes enter the first level, A Lost World, where the heroes face some foes from the past, like zombie chickens, hunters, and, of course, Livingstones ( pirate, giant, small, and explorer). They go throughout the world saving Teensies and pounding on the livingstones. They reach the 1st boss level Slaying Shacles!. They face off against the ultimate Lividstone: Shacles! He is a huge lividstone that will try to crush the heroes with its Dragon-like claws. The heroes must hurt its hands to the point to where it deflates into a normal livingstone. The player must simpily smack the livingstone, then Mr. Dark appears, and so does the Magician, wearing rocket boots. Mr. Dark explains that over these long 120 years, he has been creating a potion to poison the Bubble Dreamer! He says he has already poisoned him, and shattered the cure, scattering it across the Glade! He says that they will never stop him, and chuckles maniacally. The heroes must find the ingredients and save the Bubble Dreamer! The world ends with the level Enter the Wacko.

World 2: The Sea of Sirens

The heroes are informed by Murphy that he saw a part of the Cure fly into the Sea of Sirens. The heroes head off to find the first shard of the cure... in the most dangerous ocean in the entire Glade! They enter the first level, Save the Fish and realize that the waters are clear, when everyone knows that Colorfish inhabit the waters of the Glade. They see that the Colorfish have been captured by the sirens. The heroes go through the world fighting the Sirens, crabs, and even giant eels. They reach the boss level Beware the Sea Krakken!. They go into a mysterious cave. They see the shard of the cure, but they are attacked by a large Krakken! They must find the red, swollen weakspot. After hitting it four times, the Krakken explodes. They collect the shard. The sene flashes to Mr. Dark's lair. The Magician asks him why he told the heroes about the cure. Mr. Dark says that he wishes to toy with them before he takes over the Glade... The world ends with the level The Triangle o' Lums.

World 3: Dangerous Dessert

The heroes next head to the Dangerous Desert, theres just one weird thing about this Desert: It's made of Dessert! The heroes then go to the first level, Chocolate Chips with a Cherry on Top. They realize that along with saving the next ingredient to the cure, the Diamond Cherry, they must also save the Fiesta Skeletons, as they are being captured by Mini-Luchadores! They must fight the Mini Luchadors, the Ducks, and even living pieces of Cake. They soon reach the boss level, A 3 Course Meal!. The heroes find a huge castle made of ...Cake! They enter the Castle o' Cake, and find the Magician. He says that the heroes will never save the Bubble Dreamer in time. He drops a small, floating robotic head. It lands in a heap of ice cream, and it comes to life! The heroes must defeat this evil sundae! Once damaged, it will jump into a new heap of food. After defeating its final form, they collect the Diamond Cherry. The world ends with the level Hot Dog.

World 4: An Icy Crusade

The heroes only have one more ingridient to go... The Amber Heart. They must go to the Amber Icelands. When they arrive at the first level,A Heat Sighnature, they realize that, yet again, the citizens of the area need saving, though this time, they must save the Baby Dragon Chefs, which are being imprisoned by the evil Hunters! After fighting off these trigger-happy barbarians, they reach the boss level, More Heartburn?. They see the dragon king. He says that some sort of Amber-like object flew into him. He ate it, and now he's under its control. He than turns into a giant beast, and chases them around. They must get launched inside of him three times to damage him. After being defeated, he coughs up the amber heart and gives it to the heroes! The world ends with the level, Hot or Cold

World 5: Revenge of the Black Lums

The heroes return to the Snoring Tree triumhant! They put the ingredients together and prepare to cure Polokus. However, Murphy charges in and asks why they were trying to kill Polokus. Then, Mr. Dark appears. He says that the heroes were working for him all along, and they collected the ingredients to make the Shattering Stone. It would seal Polokus away forevermore. Muphy, tearfully, tells the Teensy guards to seize Rayman and his friends. They are forced to flee the Snoring Tree. They take refuge in an old fortress. Just one problem... This is an old hoodlum fortress! The heroes are attacked by the Hoodlums. They must save the various creatures that the Hoodlums have captured over the years. They soon reach the boss level, Vengence!, where they are attacked by a super Hoodlum. They must defeat this giant beast. After defeating this huge enemy, they realize they must clear their honor, and defeat Mr. Dark, once and for all! The world ends with the level, World Brige.

World 6: Calling Home

The heroes must clear their name, and to do that, they must rally an army to take back the Glade. Rayman says he has an idea, though, it might be a very annoying task. (Have you gussed yet?) In the first level, BAAAA!, they go into a mysterious autem-like forest. Then the ground starts to rumble. Then out of the ground comes... A RABBID!!! That enemy seemed to fade from the Glade long ago. Then Glowbox realizes that the Rabbids have captured his children. They must save the Baby Globoxes and try to rally an army. They soon reach the boss level, There are Big Ones Too!?. They must face the Darth Vader of the Rabbids, Serigeí. After pounding this huge ball of fluffiness to death, they continue through the forest, though they are in for a big suprise! Meanwhile, in Mr. Dark's lair, the Magician suggests that he uses a plan of his to put an end to the Glade: The Big Bang Bomb! The world ends with the level Beware the Bunnies!.

World 7: Beware the Big Bang Bomb

The world begins with the heroes wondering through the forest, when, a portal opens. The heroes can hear the Magician's voice. He challenges them to one last battle against him. Rayman and friends accept, and enter the portal. They then enter the first level, Revenge of the Robots, where they realize that the Magician's robots are collecting the Creatures from Rayman Legends to power his machines. They must save the Creatures and stop the Magician! They soon enter the boss level, The Magician's Ultimate Plan. They enter a hovering area, where the Magician activates a large robot, and hops in the copit. After the heroes deliver three hits to this huge robot, it is revealed to be the Big Bang Bomb! The Magician inlists some Livingstones to pilot it, and he grabs a mechanical glove and gets some rocket boots, he fights the heroes to the death! Afterwords, the Bomb explodes! The heroes must then escape from the explosion. The Magician isn't so lucky...The world ends with the level, White Space.

World 8: The Drums of War

They escape, and when they return, a mysterious mountain has risen from the ground! Murphy comes flying and says that the Bubble Dreamer is on the brink of death, and also that Mr. Dark has risen a mountain out of the ground! They must climb the mountain, and defeat Mr. Dark once and for all. They enter the first level, Nightmares Rising. They must save the Fakirs from the rallying nightmares. In the boss level, The Father of all Nightmares, they soon reach the top of the mountain when they see Mr. Dark. He's disapointed that the Magician failed him, but he helped out an old friend to gain an army to put his ultimate plan into motion: Corrupting the Heart of the World! They will fly into the heart and destroy it. Rayman asks how he got this army, and Dark says that he and Rayman have a history, then Jano appears from the shadows! Dark leaves them to fight to the death. After defeating this old foe once and for all, they leave to rally the army and save Polokus and the Heart! The world ends with the level, To Save a God.

World 9: The End of the Age of Gods

The heroes must enter the level, Our Darkest Hour, but they must save all of the creatures that have been captured by the nightmares. Once they do, all out chaos ensues. An ultimate battle breaks out against the citizens of the Glade and the Mr. Dark's forces. The heroes must go through the chaos and free the 3 electoon cages scattered throughout the level. Then they reach the grand finale, The Fate of the Glade!. They face off against Mr. Dark. He uses all the attacks and forms he used in the first game, but then, he turns into a powerful demon, though he still maintains his hat. He sets the Snoring Tree on fire. The scene shifts to the heart of the world. The nightmares are within reach of the heart. Dark shows off his strength by blasting half of dark dream mountain into space.The heroes must fight Pure Dark to the death! After being defeated, Dark is blasted to the remains of Dark Mountain. He is then imprisoned by the top half of the mountain. His shattering stone falls into the heart and it imprisons the nightmares! Polokus is cured, and the heroes celebrate an age of peace in the Glade!

(Optional)Final World: The Revenge of Grannies

If the player collects all of the Silver Lums, they can traverse the land of the livid dead. They face off against these old foes. They reach the boss level, Epic!. They face off against a giant dragon-like bat called Draklos. After they defeat this huge bonus boss, they unlock the last level called The Wonderful World of Rayman, the first and only music level of the game, where the level has parts from every world of the game!


There will be a DLC released two months after the game is released. The following packages are DLC:

  • Back to Origins

Back to Origins returns! You unlock levels in there the same way you unlock levels in the main game

  • The Legend Returns

You go through Rayman Legends levels just like back to origins.

  • Movies Pack

You get many exclusive movie-based costumes, like a costume based off of the leafmen from Epic, or a hulk costume from The Avengers.


A list of characters from the game



No need for an introduction, the limbless hero of the Glade is back and better then ever! Rayman


Rayman's slap-happy friend and sidekick has returned. This husband and father of 100 may be a little past his prime, though he's up for slaying baddies any day! Globox

3.Grand Minnimus

This one of the many Teensy kings has returned to lead his people to victory! With his huge nose at his disposal, he's ready for anything the nightmares throw at him!


Saddly, this barbarian princess was captured and turned into a nightmare! After having the nightmare beat out of her, she realised that her fellow princesses have been captured too!


1.Mr. Dark

The evil villan from the origanal Rayman has returned! He is back and ready to obiltorate the Glade of Dreams! 50px

2.The Magician

We last saw this traitorus Teensy stuck in the moon, but after being redeemed by Mr. Dark, he has returned to the Glade with a vengence! (He may have his own plans too...)


Rayman's first foe was banished long ago to the cave of bad dreams. The father of all nightmares has made a deal with Mr. Dark, though, he may hate Rayman even more then Dark!

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