Glade of Dream's Hero
Universe SSB Rayman SeriesBRayman
Recent Game U Rayman Legends
Availability Starter
Final Smash Rabbid Rabbits/Moskito

Rayman makes his first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Rayman comes from the aptly named Rayman franchise. He is the fourth confirmed Third Party character to be included in Super Smash Bros. 5 and the first Ubisoft character. He utilizes various moves and power ups from his games. His disjointed body gives him incredible reach in terms of his physical attacks as well as utilize projectiles. However, his speed is somewhat lacking as his defensive capabilities. His light weight allows him to be knocked further than others around his height. His appearance is reflective of both his retro and recent appearances.


Rayman is mid-range in terms of power and speed but lacks defense thus making Rayman a rather easy character to hit. His main strength results in his ability to each opponents with his fists and feet from a long range. This results in incredible physical reach outside of projectiles. Many of his attacks increases the reach depending on much the standard or special button was held down but doesn't affect the move itself or the damage output. Rayman is good at pressuring opponents from afar while keeping opponents at bay.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Ray Punch 4%, 3%, 2.5% (loop) Rayman punches with his right hand followed by his left hand. His loop is a furry of punches that are quite strong followed by an uppercut jab finisher.
Forward Tilt Ray Kick 10% Functions a bit like his Jab Finisher but the fist travels more upwards with a large hit box. It knocks opponents up vertically and is a reliable killing move.
Up Tilt Ray Uppercut 7% Turns backwards and kicks his opponent; knocking them away horizontally. It has a good reach and connects well but suffers from start up and ending lag.
Down Tilt Hand Slap 8% Slaps from an upward position to a downward position with the hand connecting to the ground. It does vertically knockback at the start and then horizontal knockback at the end; especially when the attack connects to the ground.
Dash Attack Twirling Dream 2%, 2%, 2%, 4% Rayman twirls on his feet with his fists spread out, dealing multiple hits as he twirls forward. It traps opponents with the first hit through hitstun and pushes them forward. While the last hit does the most, it only does high knockback if all of the previous three hits had connected. It has a good range, quick, and good priority but can be over-powered by more powerful attacks. In addition the hit boxes appear only at the hit box thus leaving Rayman vulnerable on the side he doesn't have a hit box on.
Forward Smash Sucker Punch 15% (uncharged), 20% (charged) Rayman winds up his punch and then releases it. The longer it is charged causes the attack to do more damage, knockback, and extends its overall reach. A powerful and reliable attack that comes out quick and ends quickly. It also has surprising reach that can trick opponents.
Up Smash Propeller 1.8% (uncharged), 3.8% (charged) Rayman creates a propeller with his hair and twirls it; dealing loop damage to those caught in the attack. Charging it lengths the span of the attack as well as the damage output. Unlike many of his attacks, it lacks reach but it can trap in multiple opponents. It launches opponents ont he final hit.
Down Smash Ray Twist 13% (uncharged), 18% (charged) Rayman spins on the ground, hitting to the right and then to the left. The attack only does half damage if the last attack hits. The first attack has the ability to trap opponents and carry them into the second hit; launching them. The last hit does the knockback but has less knockback if only the last hit lands.
Neutral Aerial Air Flip 8% Rayman flips in the air; dealing damage and knockback. If it hits on the start up to mid portions, it does horizontal knockback while the later animation does vertical knockback. It is a quick flip that does a set damage amount regardless when it hits.
Forward Aerial Doublehand Slam 15% A powerful and highly damaging F-air where Rayman takes both hands and slams down with them; spiking the opponent to the ground. It also has a meteor effect. However, it suffers from start up and ending lag and can be punished.
Back Aerial Back Hit 5%, 8% Rayman reaches backwards and performs two punches. While backwards punch that connects at the ack of the hand followed by a swinging around punch.
Up Aerial Arm Raise 6%, 8% Rayman raises his arms upwards which does two hits; the first hit followed by a second hit. The second hit launches opponents into the air and does damage. It is an attack that does high knockback at the last hit but whiffs if it only hits on the first.
Down Aerial Meteor Knuckle 7%, 12% Rayman descends down to the ground; slamming his fist into the ground. It has a high damage radius and is capable of deliveirng high damage. Rayman can pull out of the dive in time if performed over the edge unless he is at level of the stage which will cause a Rayicide.
Grab --- --- It is a very long grab that has an excellent reach. Once th egrab is completed, Rayman will pull the opponent to him.
Pummel Slap 2% Rayman slaps the opponent quickly. It does low damage but it is very fast.
Forward Throw Ray Fury 12% A powerful throw where Rayman lets go of the opponent and performs around 10 punches followed by a wind up punch that launches the opponent.
Back Throw Heave-Ho! 7% Rayman takes the opponent and launches them backwards into the air. It does less damage but it has a good throw when can KO at high percentages.
Up Throw Fist Rocket 10%, 5% (late) Rayman takes the opponent and launches them into the air via a rocket. It takes off will explodes after several seconds. It can also damage nearby opponents as well.
Down Throw Raybomb 8% Ray takes the opponent and slams them down into the ground; causing them to spike upwards.
Floor Attack (front/back) Grounded Roundhouse 4%, 4% Rayman kicks to the left and to the right; dealing damage on both sides. It is quick but doesn't deal that much damage.
Floor Attack (trip) Separated Kick 6% Rayman kicks forward. It has good reach but poor knockback; dealing only hitstun.
Edge Attack Ledge Punch 5% Rayman pulls himself up and punches forward; knocking the opponent slightly backwards.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Blue Punch 7% (single), 35% (seven) Rayman can charge this attack and unleash a flurry of punches. By charging it, Rayman is capable of summoning forth fists that will appear around him. Letting go of the special attack launches the fists forward and will do more damage. Of course, the longer the attack is held the more lag there is to the attack. It also does more knockback when released.
Custom 1 Telescoptic Fists 10% (close), 18% (far) Rayman can charge this attack. By charging it, it releases a fist that travels forward. It has incredible reach and a sweetspot at the end portion of the attack. The further it travels forward, the more damage it will do. It does less damage up close.
Custom 2 Speed Fist 6% (far), 3% (close) Rayman punches forward which is very quick albeit with less distance to the attack. The attack doesn't deal much knockback but causes the opponent to flinch
Side Special Lum Throw Yellow (3%), Green (5%), Red (8%), Blue (10%), Silver (15%), Black (dazes opponents) Rayman throws out a random Lum which will travel in the air and then perform several bounces before vanishing. Certain Lums do more damage and knockback than others. Many of them have underlying attributes unique to the Lum.

  • Yellow: Weakest but has the farthest throw. Does hit stun but zero knockback.
  • Green: Second weakest but do mores knockback; powerful against shields.
  • Red: Does moderate damage but less knockback than Green. It also slightly restores Raymans health by 5%.
  • Blue: Does 10% damage but can't be thrown long. However, it has large amounts of knockback should it connect in the mid-way animation.
  • Silver: Has high amounts of damage and knockback. It also slightly boosts Raymans stats for a short period of time upon use.
  • Black: It slightly decreases Rayman's stats for a small period of time but will daze the opponent for a short period of time.
Custom 1 Lum Throw + Yellow (3%), Green (5%), Red (8%), Blue (10%), Silver (15%), Black (dazes opponents) Instead of it being random, the player cycle between the Lums by holding down the special button causing a Lum to appear. They are randomized though and it is slightly tricky to stop the cycle to land on the Lum you want.
Custom 2 Lum Store and Throw Yellow (3%), Green (5%), Red (8%), Blue (10%), Silver (15%), Black (dazes opponents) Same damage and attributes but Rayman will cycle through the Lums. Releasing the special button will put the Lum away and pressing the side special again causes Rayman to throw out the Lum.
Up Special Helicopter 0% Rayman sprouts out a helicopter from his hair which allows him to float and hover in the air. Holding down the up special command initiates the Helicopter and tilting the control stick will move Rayman. Letting go of the special button will cause Rayman to fall back to the ground.
Custom 1 Super Helicopter 0% It travels further with higher recovering distance but is harder to control compared to the default.
Custom 2 Throttle Copter 8% The copter launches opponents when the blades connect. It has more vertical recovery as opposed to horizontal recovery but it is slower than the other attacks.
Down Special Globox Pound 3% (ascent), 8% (descent), 12% (pound) Globox appears, jumps into the air, and crashes down onto the ground; slamming into one nearby. It has high launching capabilities when it lands down. When Globox jumps into the air, the knocks the opponent up with the attack, somersaults, and then crashes down with
Custom 1 Red Globox 4% (ascent), 6% (descent), 15% (pound) Red Globox does much more damage on the ascent as well as the pound. It also does an explosive effect that has launch abilities. It also creates a radius effect upon explosion.
Custom 2 Glombox 10% (burial) Glombox jumps into the air. It has less height than the default but it can bury or meteor opponents underneath Glombox.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Vortex Fist 1.8% (loop) Rayman fires a green tornado from his fist which travels the length of the stage. Pressing and holding the button down slightly causes the tornado to travel further away when thrown. When it connects with the opponent it sucks them. deals several hits of damage, in and shoots them upwards; dealing damage.
Custom 1 Firestorm Fist 2.5% (loop) It travels slower but farther than the default. It deals burn damage while traveling forward and has more launching power. It has more lag to the attack as a result.
Custom 2 Galeforce Fist 0% It doesn't deal damage but it pushes the opponent away from the vortex as it travels forward. It travels slightly less than the default as a result.
Side Special Shock Rocket 14% Rayman can fire his fist which acts like a rocket and direct it where to go. Upon firing the attack, Rayman is vulnerable to attack but can use the control stick to direct it where to go. It will end up self-exploding after a duration of time or if i travels too fire. It will explode upon contact and launch opponents.
Custom 1 Lockjaw Rocket 1.3% (loop) When fired, it has slightly less control than the default. When it connects with an opponent, it grabs the opponent and chomps down on the opponent; dealing several hits of damage,
Custom 2 Bigbang Rocket 20% It does more damage and creates a larger explosion but it travels less further and is considerably slower than the default.
Up Special Purple Lum 5% (throw), 4% (start up) 10% (clean) Rayman throws a Purple Lum which takes the shape of a floating ring at a upwards diagonal distance. Pressing the control stick harder causes the ring to travel further. Once the Purple Lum stop, Rayman grabs the ring and swings forward. The first swinging animation to the half way point does less damage but more damage from the half way point to the end with more knockback. Throwing the Lum forward causes Rayman to hover in the air slightly and the throwing animation is very fast.
Custom 1 Skyward Purple Lum 6% (throw), 5% (kick) Rayman throws the Purple Lum vertically upwards and will then use his hand to bring him up close to the ring; causing him to swing forward. It has more vertical recovery compared to the default.
Custom 2 Triple Purple Lum 2% (per Lum), 3% (kick) Charging the attack causes Rayman to throw up to 3 Purple Lums. Not charging the attack only causes one Purple Lum to be thrown. Rayman can swing from ring to ring; dealing damage as he travels forward. Once he inputs the command, it is impossible to cancel out of the attack unless he is damaged. The attack has more horizontal traveling distance as the rings appear right next to each other.
Down Special Grimace 12%, 2% (reflected) Rayman pulls his cheeks back and sticks out his tongue, performing a silly grimace. When it connects with an attack, it will launch the opponent vertically and deal 12% damage; regardless of the attack that was performed. It can reflect projectiles while adding 2% more damage to it. It has a slight start up lag but zero ending lag.
Custom 1 Stunning Grimace 0% It doesn't deal damage but it can cause a stun effect when it connects with the opponent directly on the same level as Rayman if they are next to Rayman. Much like the default, it has a slight start up lag but zero ending lag.
Custom 2 Flowering Grimace 2% (flower) If the opponents attack connects, it puts a flower on top of the opponents head and deals loop flower damage.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Rabbid Rabbits 12% (per hit) Rayman summons the Rabbid Rabbits which rush around the stage; dealing damage and knocking opponents up. They are able to cover the entirety of a small stage while larger stages only have portions of the Rabbit Rabbits which appear sporadically. When they make contact with an opponent, it launches them high into the air and does damage. Each subsequent hit does more damage and higher knockback. The Final Smash typically lasts for 113 seconds before they vanish.
Final Smash 2 Moskito 15% (charge), 2% (peck) Rayman summons the Moskito which allows Rayman to ride on top of it. Rayman can use the control stick to tilt the mount up and down as well as left and right in this fashion. Pressing the special button causes the mount to charge forward and slam into the opponent. The A button deals multiple stab attacks that catches opponents and deals multiple hits of damage.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Rayman does a wind up with his fist and closes one eye while leaning back slightly. He doesn't perform a punch though. (Up)
  • Rayman smiles and performs a peace sign at the camera..(Right)
  • Pulls out his Ukele and strums a few cords before putting it away again.(Left)
  • Creates an energy orb that glows in his hands while he admires it. He then causes it to vanish.(Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Rayman does a peace sign and says "Alright!"
  • Rayman spins around and pumps his fist in the air.
  • Rayman punches towards the camera while saying "Hahaha!

On Screen Appearance

  • Rayman appears from an energy field and jumps out of it.
  • Rayman appears from the top, hovering with his hair like a helicopter before landing.
  • Rayman appears along with Globox where they do a high five. Globox then vanishes..

Victory Animations

  • Rayman punches several times at the camera and says "I did it!"
  • Rayman does a back flip followed by a peace sign.
  • Rayman runs in place and then punches into the air while saying "I won!"
  • Rayman pulls out four Lums and juggles them.
  • Rayman appears alongside Globox as they perform a cheerful dance back and forth.
  • Rayman jumps up and down while punching into the air with a cheer.

Fan Cheer

Male/female cheer "Ray-Ray-Rayman! Ray-Ray-Rayman!!"

Losing Animation

  • Rayman claps his disjointed hands while looking forward.
  • Rayman holds his head in his one hand while wobbling back and forth.
  • Rayman has stars in his eyes as well as rotating above his head as he shakes back and forth.

Victory Fanfare

A [flourished] of the Rayman theme song.

Fighting Stance

Rayman bobs back and forth while holding his fists out in a fist fighting manner.

Idle Poses

  • Much like Mario, Ray man moves his head back and forth and slightly ducks while holding his fists up.
  • Quickly transforms his hair into a helicopter.
  • Rayman rubs is hands together.
  • Rayman stands up on his toes slightly and goes back down.

Misc Animations


Rayman crouches low to the ground while bringing up his hands over his head.


Rayman jumps into the air while holding his hands above his head.


Rayman rolls forward in a ball.


Rayman walks forward with a slight swing to his hands.


Rayman dashes forward while pumping his hands up and down in a running pose.


Rayman lays on his belly with his hands held out and his face to the ground.


Rayman slips and fall on his butt.


Balances on both feet while spinning his hands quickly in order to re balance himself.


Grabs the ledge with both hands. Due to his disjointed nature, his body is actually positioned slightly less further down than his hands in relation to the ledge.

Home-Run Bat

Swings forward using both hands. Has the best reach of any Home-Run Bat.

Star KO

Goes "AHHHHHH" while spinning into the distance.

Screen KO

Splats against the screen. However, his right hand first splates, then his left hand, and then followed by his entire body. with his head turned to the side and his tongue out. It happens very quickly.


Rayman's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

Rayman (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Rayman (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode



Unlock: Boss Battle


Funky Ray

Unlock: Boss Battle


Rayman (Blue Punch)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Mach Rider (Grimace)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Rayman (Black)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Rayman (Purple)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Rayman (Up)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Plumber Ray

Unlock: Complete a Rayman Character Challenge

Rabbid Rabbits

Unlock: All Star Mode


Unlock: All Star Mode

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Yellow Yellow Rayman's default outfit. Starter
Blue Blue Coloration resembles the upgrade Heavy Metal Fist. Starter
Green Green Coloration resembles the Vupgrade Vortex Fist. Starter
Purple Purple Coloration resembles the upgrade THrottle Copter. Starter
Red Red --- Starter
Black Black Resembles Raymesis. Starter
Brown Brown Coloration slightly resembles Raymolk. Starter
Cyan Cyan Slightly resembles Raybox. Starter
Pink Pink --- Starter
Orange Orange Coloration resembles Dark Rayman. Starter
Ubiray Purple Model based off the outfit Ubiray. Locked
Funky Ray Pink Model based off on the Fuky Ray outfit. Locked
Plumber Ray Red Model based on the outfit Plumber Ray. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"In the Glade of Dreams..."

Time: 3:80 Scene:


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