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Rayman winds up for battle!
Rayman's tagline in his reveal trailer.

The limbless legend joins the battle!
Symbol SSBZRaymanSymbol
Universe Rayman
Official Debut Rayman (1995)
Availability Unknown
Final Smash Rabbid Rampage
Home Stage Unknown
Tier Unknown

Rayman is a newcomer hailing from the Rayman series of games. He made his unofficial Super Smash Bros. debut as a trophy in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. 4, but his playable debut is in Super Smash Bros. Universal Struggle. Rayman's moveset derives from abilities he used in several of his games, including the ability to throw his fist out and then bring it back. 

Trophy Description

Rayman's trophy description has not been revealed as of yet, but it can be assumed that his trophy can be unlocked by beating Classic Mode as Rayman.


Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Wind-Up Punch - Rayman wind-ups one of his fists and then throws it forward (which does 3% damage). He can charge this and also aim it. A charged fist does 7% damage.
  • Side Special: Plunger Gun - Rayman whips out his Plunger Gun from Rayman Raving Rabbids and shoots a plunger from it. He can shoot up to five shots before he must recharge for 30 seconds. The plungers do 5% damage each, but they can do 6% if the player is lucky enough.
  • Up Special: Haircopter - Rayman does his signature helicopter hair move. He can throw uncharged fists while airborne which do 3% each. Rayman can also damage players from above using his hair while on the ground.
  • Down Special: Metallic Slam - Rayman's fists gain a red metallic covering and then Rayman slams them into the ground. This can bury opponents near them and deal 7% damage if they are caught in the attack.
  • Final Smash: Rabbid Rampage - An earthquake occurs and then a horde of Rabbids appear. They cover the entire screen and deal 15% damage to everyone on-screen besides Rayman. The amount of damage is multiplied by the overall amount of players on the stage.

  • Neutral Special: Flaming Fist - Rayman throws a charged punch that is on fire and does more damage, but travels a shorter distance. (9% damage)
  • Side Special: Life Plunger -
  • Up Special: Throttle Locks -
  • Down Special: Bear Trap Slam -

  • Neutral Special: Lockjaw Laydown -
  • Side Special: Unclogger -
  • Up Special: Shock Rocket -
  • Down Special: Iron Shockwave -

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral attack: Rayman does a clean punch forward, then another punch, and then ends with a whirling kick. (3% damage first hit, 2% damage second, and 7% damage finishing move)
  • Dash attack: Rayman whirls his fists around while running. (12% damage)
  • Forward tilt: This is similar to Rayman's up tilt, but instead of the hair blowing away aerial opponents, it can push back ground opponents. Rayman's hair can also damage anyone who gets close to him. (13% damage)
  • Up tilt: Rayman rapidly spins his hair, but unlike his up special he doesn't get off the ground. This can push aerial opponents away if done correctly.  (8% damage)
  • Down tilt: Rayman does a sweeping leg kick. (9% damage)

Smash Attacks

  • Forward smash: Rayman does a powerful kick forward. (12% damage)
  • Up smash: Rayman does an upwards sucker punch using his fist. This is similar to his Neutral special, but it only does 5% damage.
  • Down smash: Rayman slams his fists downward. (14% damage)

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Rayman does a powerful aerial kick. This has a 25% chance to send opponents flying if the sweet spot is hit. (10% damage for normal; 15% damage for sweet spot)
  • Forward aerial: Rayman thrusts his fists downward. If done properly, this can meteor smash opponents. (9% damage)
  • Backward aerial: Rayman does a flying kick backwards. (11% damage)
  • Up aerial: Rayman kicks his foot, which grows larger until the attack is complete, upward. (12% damage)
  • Down aerial: Rayman uses his Crush attack, which has a chance to bury opponents if they are hit straight on. (8% damage for normal hits; 13% for straight-on hits)

Grabs, Throws, and Pummel

  • Grab: Rayman grabs the opponent with his fist. This can be used as a tether recovery and is also the longest reaching grab in-game.
  • Pummel: Using his other fist, Rayman slams the fist into the opponent's head. (3% damage)
  • Forward throw: Rayman spins his opponent around overhead and then punches them forward. (5% damage)
  • Backward throw: Rayman throws his opponent forward. He kicks them with both feet immediately after. (11% damage)
  • Up throw: Rayman holds the opponent above his head and then uses his hair to damage them. (9% damage)
  • Down throw: Rayman throws his opponent to the ground and body slams them. (8% damage total)

On-Screen Gestures


  • Rayman lands on his spawn point like he does in Rayman Legends.
  • Rayman wakes up and gets into fighting stance.


  • Up taunt: Rayman does his Grimace animation.
  • Down taunt: Rayman summons Murfy by doing his animation from Rayman Legends whenever Murfy spawned.
  • Side taunt: Rayman does a peace sign as seen in his artwork.

Victory Options/Losing Animation

  • Option #1: Rayman does a whirling kick and then puts up a peace sign.
  • Option #2: Rayman appears with Globox, both of which are asleep.
  • Option #3: Rayman lands after using his hair as a helicopter and does a peace sign.
  • Losing: Rayman grumbles to himself while he claps solemnly.


  • Rayman's alternate costumes are;
    • Blue: Based on Globox's design/ the Raybox costume.
    • Red: Ray Plumber (a costume from Rayman Legends that resembles Mario and was a Wii U exclusive)
    • Green: Based on Betilla's current design.
    • Navy: Dark Rayman (as he appears in Rayman Origins).
    • Alt. Purple: Disco Rayman (a costume that appeared in Rayman Raving Rabbids sans the afro).
    • Brown: Raymolk (costume in Rayman Legends).
    • Yellow: Tarayzan (character from Rayman; appeared as a costume in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2)
  • Rayman was one of the first 17 characters revealed for Super Smash Bros. Universal Struggle.
  • Originally, Rayman and Murfy would have worked together as a tag-team. This was scrapped, but Murfy still appears in Rayman's down taunt.

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