Rayman Leak Render
SSB Rayman Series
Universe Rayman
Availability Starter
Final Smash Moskito Ride

Rayman is a newcomer character in Super Smash Bros. Combatand is available from the start. Rayman is the hero of the Glade of Dreams, having been created by the Nymphs more than 100 years ago. Despite Rayman's status as a hero, the thing he enjoys the most is kicking back with his buddy Globox and simply letting the days roll on by. The most noticeable thing about Rayman's appearence is his lack of limbs, giving him incredible range in his standard attacks that few other characters can match. Rayman's design is based on his appearence from Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, as well as the bulk of his moveset coming from these games.


Rayman is a character with a stature that is different, to say the least. His lack of limbs allow him to make his hands and feet go farther from him than any other character, giving him some of the strongest spacing in the series. Rayman is pretty agile on a whole, having a strong aerial game (although slower momentum than other aerial fighters like Jigglypuff, Ridley, and Wario), being able to run quite fast, and having the grab with the most range in the game. However, Rayman is at a large defensive disadvantage due his spaced out hands and feet providing opening for opponents to attack his fragile body. Rayman is also quite light, making him launched rather easily. However, his agility and power make up for this by allowing him to attack opponents when he is at an advantage. Rayman also has limited flight by the use of his hair helicopter, which acts as his third, fourth, and fifth jumps. This gives Rayman some of the strongest recovery in the series.


  • Neutral attack - Rayman punches three times and then delivers a fourth, extended punch.
  • Forward tilt - Rayman aims his head forwards and uses his hair to blow opponents away and do damage.
  • Up tilt - Rayman aims his head upwards and uses his hair to blow opponents higher as well as doing damage if they get too close. Good for juggling opponents.
  • Down tilt - Rayman performs a sweeping leg kick, causing light damage as well as tripping opponents.
  • Dash attack - Rayman performs his Running Tornado, spinning around and maintaining momentum as he sprints past opponents.
  • Forward smash - Rayman performs his classic windup punch.
  • Up smash - Rayman performs a windup uppercut.
  • Down smash - Rayman winds up before punching the ground and getting thrown into the air. A good escape move if Rayman is backed into a corner.
  • Neutral aerial - Rayman performs a kick straight forward, which has an extended hitbox and suspends Rayman is mid-air for a few frames.
  • Forward aerial - Rayman slams his hands over his head and in front of him. Can act as a meteor smash if sweetspotted.
  • Back aerial - Rayman performs an extended kick behind him.
  • Up aerial - Rayman performs an extended kick above his head.
  • Down aerial - Rayman performs his Crush Attack, slamming into the ground from mid-air.
  • Grab - Rayman throws out his upstage hand to grab opponents. This grab has incredible range.
  • Pummel - Rayman punches the opponent with the hand he isn't using to hold them.
  • Forward throw - Rayman throws them into the air and punches them sending them flying forwards.
  • Back throw - Rayman hurls opponents behind him.
  • Up throw - Rayman charges up his normal up smash before tossing opponents into the air and hitting them with it.
  • Down throw - Rayman puts opponents onto the ground and collapses onto them before reassembling.
  • Floor attack (front) - Rayman sweeps his leg in front of him.
  • Floor attack (back) - Rayman sweeps his leg behind him.
  • Floor attack (trip) - Rayman retracts his limbs before spinning around, jumping up and extending them.
  • Edge attack - Rayman throws his downstage hand in an arc, smacking it into opponents and pulling him up.
  • Standard Special - Blue Punch - Rayman shoots a blue boxing glove in front of him, performing light damage as well as gimping recoveries.
  • Side Special - Plum - Rayman plucks a plum out of the ground and chucks it at opponents, sending them flying if it hits. This move is very powerful but is has a lot of startup.
  • Up Special - Swingman - Rayman summons a Swingman, who swings him back and forth before sending him flying in a selected direction. If the Swingman swings four times and Rayman has yet to be launched, it will disappear.
  • Down Special - Vortex Fist - Rayman summons a green fist, which swirls around him, creating a tornado that reflects projectiles and can be fired at opponents to send them flying.
  • Final Smash - Moskito Ride - Rayman summons Moskito, who flies around the stage, being able to both suck in opponents and shoot projectiles at them to send them flying.

Victory Theme

flourished remix of the Stage Complete theme from Rayman Origins.

Alternate costumes

  • Rayman's default appearence
  • A coloration based on the Heavy Metal Fist ability
  • A coloration based on the Vortex Fist ability
  • A coloration based on the Throttle Copter ability
  • A red coloration
  • Sir Rayalot
  • Raybox
  • Raymesis
  • Raymolk
  • Rayomz
  • Funky Ray
  • Ray Plumber


  • Rayman was said to be particular tempermental to program during development due to his abnormal bone structure. Although the team was able to make it work, it is said that Rayman's development cycle took from the game's announcement to E3 the following year. This gives Rayman the longest development cycle of any character in the series.