Rayman Chronicles is a game exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.


A group of evil doers named the Terrible Thirty are causing havoc in the Glade of Dreams; Along with Various Universes! Now Rayman and his friends must venture through 30 different worlds in order to restore peace to not only their land, but the lands of Others!

Playable Characters

These are a list of characters that can be played as. Some unlock after collecting certian number of Lums

Unlocked at Start

  • Rayman
  • Globox
  • Grand Minimus
  • Goth Teensie
  • Barbara
  • Elysia
  • Aurora
  • Twilia
  • Estellia
  • Selena
  • Urusula
  • Emma
  • Olympia
  • Sibylla

Unlocked by Collecting Lums

Must Be Rescued from Paintings

Each world has four heroes that must be saved. This is a list of them all.

  1. Mario. (About: The Main Mascot of Nintendo; Mario helps Rayman and his friends by defending the Mushroom Kingdom!)
  2. Luigi. (About: Mario's Younger/Older brother, he jumps higher then Mario, but is a coward around Boos!)
  3. Peach (About: The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and is captured by Bowser many times)
  4. Bowser (About: The King of Koopas may be a bad guy, but he's good at Bowser Bombing the Baddies!)
  5. Yoshi (About: Mario's Dinosaur Companion, he's been by his side ever since he hatched from an egg!)
  6. Rosalina (About: The Cosmic Observatory's head honcho. She takes care of all the Lumas and has a pretty long and unskippable backstory)
  7. Daisy (About: The Princess of Sarasaland, she was kinapped by Tatanga during Mario's visit. She often appears in various sporting events and parties with our iconic plumber. She's also admired by Luigi!)
  8. Kamek (About: Bowser's main magician, he often places spells on minions to make them big, strong or even worst!)
  9. Birdo
  10. Shy Guy
  11. Dry Bones
  12. Bowser Jr.
  13. Link
  14. Zelda
  15. Ganondorf
  16. Toon Link
  17. Kirby
  18. Meta Knight
  19. Waddle Dee
  20. King Dedede
  21. Donkey Kong
  22. Diddy Kong
  23. Candy Kong
  24. Cranky Kong


With there being 30 evil nightmare beings to take care of, there are 30 world to explore and over 300+ levels of platforming madness!

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom Chaos!

In this world, Rayman and his friends must enter the Mushroom Kingdom and save it from the hands of Bowser's Evil Clone: DRY Bowser!!

  1. Level 1-1: Here We Go!
  2. Level 1-1-I: Here We Go! (Invaded)
  3. Level 1-2: Pipe Dreams and Subcon Nightmares
  4. Level 1-2-I: Pipe Dreams and Subcon Nightmares (Invaded)
  5. Level 1-3: Airship Sickness
  6. Level 1-3-I: Airship Sickness (Invaded)
  7. Level 1-4: Hastle in the Castle
  8. Level 1-4-I: Hastle in the Castle (Invaded)
  9. Level 1-5: Fortress-R-Us
  10. Level 1-5-I: Fortress-R-Us (Invaded) [Invaders from: Pokémon]
  11. Level 1-6: Bomb-Ombs on the Beach!
  12. Level 1-6-I: Bomb-Ombs on the Beach! (Invaded) [Invaders from: Legend of Zelda]
  13. Level 1-7: Piranha Plant Panic!
  14. Level 1-1-I: Piranaha Plant Panic! (Invaded)
  15. Level 1-8: Skull-Iggler Shuffle!
  16. Level 1-I: Skull-Iggler Shuffle! (Invaded)
  17. Level 1-9: Need More Then Sticks and Stones.... (Boss Battle: Dry Bowser)
  18. Level 1-10: A Super of Mario (Music Level) [Song: A Fifth of Beethoven by Walter Murphy]

Rescue Missions

  1. Rescue Mario: Subcon Smackdown [About: A complete retelling of the first world from Super Mario Bros 2! All the bad guys are there, the door potions, and even a boss battle with Mouser at the end!]
  2. Rescue Luigi: Plugged Up Plumber [About: Bad guys are pouring out the pipes! Defeat a total of 3 waves to save the Toads that go flying around in cages!]
  3. Rescue Peach: Flowers in Flames [About: Petey Piranha has caught a bad case of heartburn! Enter the belly of the beast and stop his burning heart!]
  4. Rescue Bowser: Koopa Soupa! [About: The Koopalings are back and all in a boss rush! Take on all seven of them in one go, and be on the look out for Toads in cages flying around!]

World 2: Super Galaxy Oribit!

This world has you rescue Yoshi, Rosalina, Daisy and Kamek as you travel the Cosmos in order to save it from Tatanga and his army of Shrooms!

  1. Level 2-1: Good Eggs, Bad Mushrooms
  2. Level 2-1-I: Good Eggs, Bad Mushrooms (Invaded)
  3. Level 2-2: Rayman Bee Good
  4. Level 2-2-I: Rayman Bee Good (Invaded)
  5. Level 2-3: Leave the Gusting to Us!
  6. Level 2-3-I: Leave the Gusting to Us! (Invaded)
  7. Level 2-4: Time for Toys, and Also Fears!
  8. Level 2-4-I: Time for Toys, and Also Fears! (Invaded)
  9. Level 2-5: Puzzling Planks!
  10. Level 2-5-I: Puzzling Planks! (Invaded)
  11. Level 2-6: Manta-Ray Run!
  12. Level 2-6-I: Manta-Ray Run! (Invaded)
  13. Level 2-7: Keep the Beat!
  14. Level 2-7-I: Keep the Beat! (Invaded)
  15. Level 2-8: Throwback the Whomp!
  16. Level 2-8-I: Throwback the Whomp! (Invaded)
  17. Level 2-9: Alien Ouch-Topsy! (Boss Battle: Tatanga)
  18. Level 2-10: Galaxica Sonata! (Music Level) [Song: Reach For The Stars by Cash Cash]

Rescue Missions

  1. Rescue Yoshi: Major Burrow Beatdown!
  2. Rescue Rosalina: Diggaleg Drilling
  3. Rescue Daisy: Sphinx Showdown!
  4. Rescue Kamek: Bashful Burt Returns

World 3: Yoshi's Island Issues

This world has you rescuing Birdo, Shy Guy, Dry Bones and Bowser Jr. as you explore Yoshi's Island and take down the 3rd member of the Terrible Thirty: Raphael the Raven!

  1. Level 3-1: ????
  2. Level 3-1-I: ????
  3. Level 3-2: ????
  4. Level 3-2-I: ????
  5. Level 3-3: ????
  6. Level 3-3-I: ????
  7. Level 3-4-I: ????
  8. Level 3-5: ????
  9. Level 3-5-I: ????
  10. Level 3-6: ????
  11. Level 3-6-I: ????
  12. Level 3-7: ????
  13. Level 3-7-I: ????
  14. Level 3-8: ????
  15. Level 3-8-I: ????
  16. Level 3-9: The Raven's Revenge
  17. Level 3-10: Eggciting Escapade (Music Level) [Song: Walk the Dinosaur by Was (Not Was)]

World 4: Hyrule Havoc

  1. Level 4-1: It's Dangerous To Go Alone!
  2. Level 4-1-I: It's Dangerous To Go Alone! (Invaded)
  3. Level 4-2: ????
  4. Level 4-2-I: ????
  5. Level 4-3: ????
  6. Level 4-3-I: ????
  7. Level 4-4: ????
  8. Level 4-4-I: ????
  9. Level 4-5: ????
  10. Level 4-5-I: ????
  11. Level 4-6: ????
  12. Level 4-6-I: ????
  13. Level 4-7: ????
  14. Level 4-7-I: ????
  15. Level 4-8: ????
  16. Level 4-8-I: ????
  17. Level 4-9: ????
  18. Level 4-10: Hyrulespray (Music Song) [Song: You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray]

World 5: Nightmares in Dreamland


World 6: Donkey Kong Katastrophe


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