Ray the Dog
Ray the Dog
Full Name Ray the Dog
Current Age Possibly 20's-30's
Gender Male
Species Dog
Current Status Unknown (most likely deceased)
Class Antagonist
Family and Relations
Cherry (False Girlfriend)
Lady Meowla (Boss/True Girlfriend)
Main Weapon(s) Fists, Pistol
First Appearance Broken Heart
Latest Appearance Rise of the Dog
Ray the Dog is a minor villain who only appeared twice on Skip and Sqak XD. He is a brown dog who was Cherry's very first boyfriend but he is actually using her just so he can join RAVI and steal their stuff because he is a thief working for Lady Meowla, his real girlfriend. He only appeared in "Broken Heart" and "Rise of the Dog".

Roles in the Show

Broken Heart

Ray became a member of RAVI after saving the team from a herd of Prickle Sharks on Planet Prickly. He instantly became Cherry's lover, much to the excitement of Robin and Cynder. However, unbeknownst to anyone Skip heard him talking to Meowla on his cellphone about his plot to rob RAVI's fortune. After Skip spreads the word to everyone in Galaxian High, they ambush the mutt as he was making off with RAVI's fortune. Cherry dumps Ray by punching him in the face, but he flees in a rocket just before the police came to arrest him. However he is dismayed when he realized he forgot all his fortune in Galaxian High.

Rise of the Dog

Ray later appeared in this episode which reveals he is Lady Meowla's under cover agent. He's been saving many planets from disasters that Meowla and her men are secretly causing. Later on, Ray tries to murder the SSFF gang by disguising himself as Maid and locking them in a cage to drown in flooding water on Planet Hoolfar. When Ray was getting chased by the teams who are trying to arrest him for his scheme, he is rescued by Meowla only ro realize she setted him up before. When one of Meowla's bodyguards asks Ray "Wanna take a trip down to Planet Hoolfar?" (most likely to drown him in the same way he tried to drown SSFF), he begins to panic and pounds on the door yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" in terror as the ship blasts off.