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Ray Koopa
Paper Ray
Paper Ray, which is the reveal of his slight redesign by Aiva
Full Name Raymond "Ray" Hutson Koopa
Current Age 17
Date of Birth June 1999
Zodiac Sign Gemini (possibly)
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Current Status Alive
Class Aivaling
Height 6 ft, 10 inches
Weight 132 lbs.
Ray-Ray, Ray, Big Boy, Too Tall, Matthew von Koopa 2.0, Meanie
Why was I born with 2 other maniacs?
Ray's life time quote since he was 4

Raymond Hutson Koopa, or simply Ray, was the 8th Aivaling created, being slightly younger in between Abel and Aiva in age. He is the 2nd tallest of them.


Ray has similar features to Niko Koopameleon Jr. Ray has a similar hair color and hair to him, however, its smaller and he has more hair. His eyebrows are thin. His head is blue, along with red stripes near his eye. His eyes are red, as well as his shell and spiked wristbands. His hands, tail, and feet are a shade of purple. He has 2 fangs. His rings and spikes on his bands are a darker shade of white. However, his newer design features red fingerless gloves and toeless socks, similar to Nolan. He also appears to have a bandana.


Ray was born by an unknown mother, along with Iggy and Lemmy. Somehow, he looked way different than the 2. When he turned 4, he started to realized how insane the two were. Though he prefers Iggy more, he has a burning hate for Lemmy for unknown reasons. When he was 11, he was adopted by Matthew von Koopa so he can get away from the 2.


Ray is incredibly arrogent and snobbish, this is the fact he did not like living with Lemmy and Iggy.



  • Ray's purple coloration at his feet, tail, and hands are a reference to an earlier version of Aidan Koopa, a beta version in December 2015, however, it was scraped due to a better design of him.
  • Its unknown why Ray hates Lemmy so much.
  • Ray is considered one of the 3 Aivalings with a darker backstory
    • The other two are Abel and Matthew


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