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Lazarus Eronigo


Paper Ray

Lazzi's Eronigo redesign by Sylas

Lazzi's Koopa design.

Full Name Lazarus "Lazzi" Edward Nolans
Current Age 17
Date of Birth June 1999
Zodiac Sign Gemini (possibly)
Gender Male
Species Red Deer Eronigo
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Golden Lance
Height 6 ft, 10 inches
Weight 132 lbs.
Friends and Allies
Percy Eronigo (crush)


Ian Eronigo

Sahare Eronigo

Blake Amber Eronigo

Umbra Eronigo

Apollos Eronigo

Retro Eronigo (formally)

Bavaria von Eronigo (formally)

Enemies and Rivals
Retro Eronigo

Bavaria von Eronigo

Artici Eronigo

Anubis Eronigo

Hypnos Eronigo

Lazzi, shocked to see the Yamshacks

 Lazarus Edwards Nolansotherwise called Lazzi by his friends, is a neutral character in Sylas


Lazarus has a thin build and one of the larger Eronigos. His fur and wing color is cerulean. His hair style is similar to Percy's, but its more straight and brown. He has red-orange antlers. His eye color and the inside of wings and ears are also red-orange. He wears a red-orange and white-ish hoodie. He also has a tiny deer tail. He apparently has a dark blue tongue. His lower attire are just light jeans.


Lazzi's backstory before being reincarnated is unknown, but he was created in The Lab with all the other Eronigos, except Umbra. He was originally loyal to Bavi, along with all the other protagonist Eronigos, until Bavi remembered who he once was before being reincarnated as his current self. After Bavi grew anger and hatred about mostly everything, Lazzi and the other protagonists decided to abandon him. This only grew worse as he and Percy fled for Kikomantio and for Hypnos to keep them hostage until they starve. Lazzi was then freed by Sylas.

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  • Its revealed that Lazzi is homosexual when he revealed his crush on Percy.
  • The reasoning for his blue tongue is it's apparently his main color.
  • His heart type is Integrity