Ray (Drackula)
Full Name Ray
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Species Sparkling
Ability/ies Electrokinesis
First Appearance Unknown
 Ray is a character in the New Fantendoverse who is set to appear in future projects made by Drackula. He is close friends with Cura and Chelsea Rench and often hangs out with them. He is known for wearing a robotic suit and barely ever takes it off. 


Ray is an orange sparkling with red eyes and mouth, however he almost never leaves his suit. His suit is grey and has a standard humanoid shape, with a control panel in the chest area. In addition, he ties a brown scarf around the "neck" of his suit. 


Like most sparklings, he has the ability to produce electricity from his body. But unlike, say, Volt, Ray's electric powers aren't that strong and he usually only uses it to power his suit. 

Speaking of which, his suit has a built-in arm cannon, grappling hook hand, and jetpacks in its feet, which he uses in battle, although he doesn't get into fights that often. 


Ray is laid-back, and overall an easy guy to get along with, although sometimes he doesn't know what to say at the right time. However, he's very nice and cares about his friends a lot. 

He claims that he always wears the suit for protection, but the real reason is that he feels insecure and small compared to everyone else, and he wears the suit to make him feel important. However, very few people know the truth.


Chelsea RenchEdit

The two are very good friends. Chelsea is the one who built the suit for Ray and she is the only person he feels comfortable hanging out with without the suit.