ALBW Ravio
Ravio, the Lorulean Shopkeeper, and pet Sheerow.
Universe Legend Of Zelda
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Painting Magic

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Ravio means business!
Super Smash Bros. Crusade

Ravio appears as a playable character in Crusade. A newcomer to the Zelda series, Ravio is unique due to his magic meter. The meter will slowly refill over time but decreases upon use of his smashes and specials. Ravio must maintain a balance between special moves and neutral moves so that he doesn't run of out of magic.

Unlocking Criteria

  • Complete Classic as a Legend of Zelda character on 5.0 or higher.
  • Play X amount of matches.


Ravio is a slow, mediumweight character. His standard and aerials have quick execution and average power as they use Sheerow. His specials and smashes are more unique as they drain his Magic Meter. Each move takes up a little bit of Magic Meter, which will start to refill once you stop using moves that utilize the meter for a little bit. Ravio is a character that must stay on the move and have a good eye so as not to be caught without the ability to properly fight back.


Standard Moves

  • Neutral attack - Sheerow will repeatedly peck forward, ending with a tackle. 
  • Side tilt - Sheerow dashes forward.
  • Up tilt - Sheerow spins in a circle upwards.
  • Down tilt - Sheerow pushes a Rupee forward. 
  • Dash Attack - Ravio spins in a circle swinging a large bag. 
  • Forward Smash - Ravio pulls out a giant hammer and slams it down. 
  • Up Smash - Ravio shoots a glowing arrow out of a bow.
  • Down Smash - Ravio places down two bombs on his sides that explode. 
  • Neutral Aerial - Ravio throws two Rupees around. 
  • Side Aerial - Sheerow spirals forwards.
  • Up Aerial - Sheerow pecks multiple times upwards. 
  • Down Aerial - Ravio drops a bag downwards. 
  • Back Aerial - Sheerow does a loop backwards.

Grab and Pummel

  • Grab - Ravio tries to grab an opponent, with Sheerow mimicking his actions.
  • Pummel - Sheerow headbutts the opponent.
  • Forward Throw - Sheerow flaps his wings to deal damage as he pushes the opponent back. 
  • Back Throw - Ravio throws his opponent backwards as Sheerow tackles them. 
  • Up Throw - Sheerow bounces the opponent with his beak a couple of times.
  • Down Throw - Sheerow repeatedly pecks the opponent. 


  • Weak Ledge Attack - Sheerow picks up Ravio and throws him onto the floor. 
  • Strong Ledge Attack - Sheerow gets up and does an attack, which follows with Ravio slamming his bag down.
  • Upwards Floor Attack - Ravio lifts himself up, then slams his bag down in front of him. 
  • Downwards Floor Attack - Sheerow lifts Ravio up as he spins around.
  • Sitting Floor Attack - Sheerow grabs Ravio's hand, then smacks him comically the other way.

Special Moves

Neutral Special Side Special Up Special Down Special
Ice Rod: Pulls out an Ice Rod as an icicle appears over Ravio, which can be dropped. Ravio can keep holding the icicle and move around but it drains the Magic Meter. Sand Rod: A stream of sand raises up. Hold to make the stream go further at the cost of magic. Propellor Rod: Ravio pulls out the rod as it propels him up, then lets him glide down. Fire Rod: Fire a large flaming shot.
Icicle Toss: A rain of icicles that can't be carried around. Sand Shockwave: A quick and powerful shockwave right in front of Ravio. Chopper: Causes a cyclone that rapidly damages but cancels the glide. Fiesty Fire Rod: Smaller shots that have homing capabilities.
Ice Block: Slower movement, but will stay on the field and can be pushed around. Twister Rod: Creates a sandy tornado that moves and blows others away. Static Propellor: An electric blast upwards with less height than normal. Blazing Rod: Sparks of fire that will travel straight through other projectiles and opponents.

Final Smash

Ravio's Final Smash is the Painting Magic. When used, Ravio will charge his bracelet as he turns into a painting, carrying the Light Arrows. Ravio can move in 8 directions, and pressing the A or B button fires a Light Arrow. During this time, Ravio's Magic Meter glows in multiple colors, and will be filled by the time the Final Smash is over.

This move is a reference to the main gimmick of A Link Between Worlds, which is turning into a painting through the use of Ravio's bracelet. Link can use Light Arrows as a painting in the final battle.



  • Holds a bag with a Rupee sign over his back, laughing.
  • Reveals a random rod as Ravio points it skyward.
  • Ravio slowly begins to lift his mask, but then pulls it down quickly.
  • Jumps around happily, but accidentally bumps into Sheerow.

Idle Poses

  • Nods his head, with Sheerow mimicking him.
  • Looks around frantically.

On-Screen Appearance

Enters as a painting through a Lorule portal before turning to normal.

Palette Swaps

Both Ravio and Sheerow change colors, but Ravio's are more noticable. The first color indicates Ravio, and the second Sheerow.

  • Purple and White - Default costume.
  • Green and Blue - Resembles Link and Navi.
  • Orange and Red-Orange - Resembles Darunia.
  • Dark Red and Yellow - Resembles Tatl and Tael.
  • Pink and Green - Resembles Zelda.
  • White and Brown - Resembles Yuga.
  • Brown and Gray - Resembles Dampe.
  • Black and Gray - Resembles Dark Link.
  • Orange and Deep Red - Resembles Skull Kid.
  • Blue and Azure - Resembles Blue Link.
  • Gray and Red - Resembles Shadow Link.
  • Ravio Unmasked - Ravio's mask is completely missing, while Sheerow stays the same.



Ravio is a mysterious shopkeeper who takes residence in Link's house during the events of A Link Between Worlds. While he provides items to you, he was still a mysterious man; what not with his bag important as life itself and his eerie mask. It turns out Ravio was a cowardly Lorulean counterpart of Link who fled to safety. He's quite the opposite of hero, huh? Ravio fights in Smash Bros. with the Magic Rods, as well as his pet Sheerow...what kind of bird is that, anyway? It looks really creepy.


Ravio's weapons all come at a price-they utilize a bit of his magic meter, meaning you need to be careful when you're attacking. Both the Ice Rod and Sand Rod are pretty tough but can cost a lot of magic. The Ice Rod will drop an icicle onto your foe, but you can move around before dropping if you miss. Your Sand Rod will unleash pillars of sand that will continue throughout the stage the longer you hold. You can always play around with custom moves to find the best way to converse magic and deal damage at once.


Ravio's Fire Rod shoots a flaming fireball, but it can home or travel through walls depending on the type of customization you use. His Propellor Rod will launch Ravio up, and the standard option lets you glide too. While not as powerful, these rods are quicker and use less magic. If you run out of magic, you're forced to use standard attacks for a bit. While it's certainly useful to send out Sheerow to fight, his frail size probably won't help him last long on the battlefield...guard for life!

Battle Spire

Ravio holds a mysterious bracelet that lets you merge into walls as a painting; how and why it works is anyone's guess. Ravio's Final Smash powers up his bracelet, giving him unlimited magic to be a painting. As a painting, you can move in 8 directions and shoot a Light Arrow by pressing an attack button, releasing a powerful and quick arrow. Tips and tricks to master this Final Smash? Keep up the hard work, be dedicated and focused when attacking, and make sure you've had a lot of experience in playing Sheriff.


Mr. Hero


  • Ravio is the fourth Link in the series of Smash Bros., and the third in Crusade.
    • Ravio is the first Link not to be a Link from a different timeline or age.
  • Despite Ravio being the playable character, Sheerow actually has more attacks utilizing him. In fact, Ravio rarely fights physically, using his rods and bags instead.

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