Ravatlas is a boss in The Legend of Zelda: Return to Termina. He is a giant statue that was used as a worship idol from an ancient Ikanan tribe, that has awakened by the dark magic that comes from the revived Majoras Mask.


The battle begins in a large room, with several statues, once Ravatlas awakens he slowly approaches link ready to stomp on him dealing a great amount of damage. Throw a bomb to shatter the mid-section of Ravatlas about 6 times, if you run out of bombs there are bomb flowers. But be careful, Racatlas may begin shooting a laser beam from the energy crystal on it's forehead. It may also summon boulders to rain down on you or roll them to trample you. Once you destroyed the mid-section, he gets shorter, but repairs its joints using evil magic. Then when it bends down to open its mouth to bite you, throw a bomb in its mouth to stun it, leaving it lying down on the ground, enabling you to hit its crystal. But be careful it may slam its fists on the ground to damage you too. Repeat the method and Ravatlas begins to crumble and the evil magic vanishes, which finishes the battle.



   65 Sword Slashes to crystal
   6 Bombs to mid-section 
   1 Bomb in mouth to stun


Fist Slam: Full Heart

Stomp: Two Hearts

Boulder Drop: Full Heart

Boulder Roll: 1/2 of a Heart

Diamond Beam: Full Heart

Bite: Full Heart

Scythe Hand Sweep: 1/2 of a Heart

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