Rather Random Roleplaying Game (RRRPG) is a paper RPG game that has strange characters and stories. The main character is an enemy from Mario, and you can choose which one you want to be.

Playable Characters

Image Name HP DMG DEF


Goomba PMTAB
Goomba 10 3 1 5 Poison Bite
Koopa 10 2 2 4 Dizzy Shell
Blooper 8 4 1 4 Ink Squirt

Piranha Plant

13 4 0 2 Chomp Defense
Bobby Bomb
Bob-omb 7 4 2 6 Duplibomb



After choosing your character you wake up in Toad Town Sewers. After walking around for a bit

Pokeyking, King of Purple Pokeys

you are confronted by Pokeyking, the King of Purple Pokeys. He will explain the battling system to you. After he is done talking to you, he will explode in blue flames and vanish. A door will then open. The player walks into the room and sees a bright light. Suddenly an enemy appears and a battle occurs.

When the enemy is defeated, the light shines even brighter. The player then walks into the light, and gets teleported to Fungi Forest. Fungi Forest is extremely dark. Your character will shiver until another light appears. Pokeyking reappears and tells you to not worry. The character insists on a chat but Pokeyking mysteriously vanishes again. The player has to do puzzles to make it through the Fungi Forest. If the player goes the wrong way they will reappear where they already were.

Chapter 1: Chaos

After escaping the forest, the character runs towards Toad Town. However, because the player is a recognized enemy, the Toads get scared and call in their Toad Guards. The Toad Guards have very high defense and very high damage. After a while of fighting them with no success. The Guards will then attack you so your health goes down to 1. Just at the end of their attack that was going to finish you off, Pokeyking comes along. He fully heals you and lowers the Toad Guards attack and defense. When the Toad Guards have enough health that you can finish them off, Pokeyking tells you to stop fighting or else the Toads will really hate you. Pokeyking then explains that the player means no harm to them. The Toads then apologise for their presumptions and let the player explore their town.


Paradox Paradox, the evil luma

After exploring for a while, a big storm comes. The big storm does not harm anyone, but it demolishes an important building. The building was called the Star Shrine, and it kept the evil star sealed inside of it, but because it was destroyed, the evil star was released, and plenty of chaotic events were sure to happen. A few minutes after the storm, the sky turned very dark and the temperature lowered to sub-zero. A big star slowly fell from the sky. The star's name was Paradox Paradox, the paradoxical luma. He shot the Toads with his dark energy.

The player then confronts him, and you enter a battle with him. Pokeyking appears at the start of the battle and severely weakenss Paradox, allowing him to be possible to defeat. His attacks are quite strong. When he gets down to a certain amount of health, he gets enraged and his damage is increased. When he's defeated, he drops a red Soul Star, which gives the player the power to set fire to all enemies for decent damage. Using the Soul Star, Pokeyking restores Toad Town. A toad called Activi T., thanks you for restoring the town and requests to join your party. Pokeyking explains the party system. After that he tells the player he should try find the other Soul Star to stop Paradox from destroying the world. He tells the player to go back through Fungi Forest with your new Soul Star.

Chapter 2: Food

Going through Fungi Forest again, the player encounters Bloober, the chubby blooper. He challenges you to a battle. He has a lot of health and pretty strong attacks. If you defeat him you can continue through the forest. After a while of searching the player finds a Red Pillar. Using the Red Soul Star, the pillar blows up leading a trail into the next area. Paradox can be seen flying with an Orange Soul Star, searching for a hiding spot for it.

The next area is Food Village, a town that used to be full with great food. After Paradox was released, all the food was turned into mouldy cheese or stale steak. The player goes into a house and finds out someone needs a loaf of bread urgently, for some reason. Giving the person a loaf of bread rewards you with a key. The player then goes into a cellar and opens a door. Inside the room is a chest, with a giant key inside. The player then uses the key to open a gate to travel to the next area. The next area is Food Path, and is a long road towards Food Castle. When the player reaches the end of Food Path, Bloober challenges again. However, because he is so heavy, he falls over.

The player then goes inside Food Castle. Inside Food Castle are lots of lovely deserts. Food Castle is a dungeon and so the player must navigate through it. At the end of Food Castle, Bloober once again tries to challenge you. He tells you he's eaten even more food, so now he's more beefy. His health, attack and defense are raised, however his speed lowers. Defeating him causes him to give up and fly away. While he's flying away, he bumps into an Deep-fat Cloud which then rains roasting grease. The player then has escape the castle or be burnt.

When the player escapes the castle, Bloober eats all the grease, making him EVEN FATTER. The cloud was hiding the Orange Soul Star, and Bloober just ate it up. Pokeyking appears and tells the player Bloober has the Orange Soul Star, but the conversation gets interrupted by Bloober who is desperate to show out his new power. Bloober looks incredibly large and orange now. His health, defense and attack are pretty high, but he is insanely slow. When Bloober is defeated he explodes and slowly glides down as a new, slim, fit blooper. Bloober says he misses being big but he said he was glad that he could move around faster. He then gives the player the Pumpkin Soul Star. Using the Orange Soul Star, Bloober and the player restore Food Town to its old tasty self.

Chapter 3: Spook

Pokeyking appears and says you should go to Boo Manor, as the next Soul Star is there. The player travels through Frightening Lane, where they meet Booo, the Boo. He tells the player not to go any further. If the player tries to go any further he will jumpscare the player and tells them to go back. The player goes back to Toad Town, where Pokeyking appears and tells you Booo wants something. He also says you should put money into researching a dream machine. When the dream machine is finished, use it on Booo. Using the machine it is revealed Boo wants some Fries and a Cola Can.

When you give him these he will join your party, allowing you to go past the path to Boo Manor. Inside Boo Manor, Paradox is annoying the boos inside, to make them distracted and forget to protect the Soul Star. Prince Boo flies inside the room and sees Paradox and the annoyed boos. Paradox then teleports and steals the Soul Star. Prince Boo gets enraged and chases after him.

Paradox uses his Doom Beam and shoots it at Prince Boo, who gets heavily injured. Prince Boo requests you find his weapon before he dies. Booo says he thinks he knows where it is, so the player goes down the stairs until he gets to the basement. There is a chest in there that contains the weapon, the Mega-Vacuum Blaster. Upon giving it to Prince Boo he says he will probably die soon, but then he realises he's already a ghost and picks up the weapon and uses it against Paradox.

Paradox gets pulled towards it and gets stuck inside a glass jar. Paradox becomes furious, and explodes out. He then takes the Soul Star somewhere. Pokeyking tells the player to follow him. Paradox flies to Terrifying Tower and hides the Soul Star at the top. The player runs to Terrifying Tower and makes it to the top, where they meet Dead Bones. The player enters a battle with Dead Bones. When Dead Bones is defeated, he tells the player that the Soul Star is back in Toad Town Sewers.

The player goes back to Toad Town Sewers and meets Paradox with the Soul Star. Paradox revives Dead Bones and puts the Soul Star inside of him, causing him to be stronger. Dead Bones has a lot of defense and a dangerous move that lowers your party's defense. He can also charge to make himself stronger. When he's defeated, the Soul Star flies out of him and he falls down as a pile of bones.

Chapter 4: Vegetables

After getting the Soul Star, Pokeyking tells you to head to the jungle beyond the river in Food Town. While crossing the bridge, it snaps in half and you fall down to Food Town Sewers. Food Town Sewers is full of waste food enemies.

Soul Stars

Vermilion Soul Star 2 Burns all enemies
Pumpkin Soul Star 3 Restores health and boosts stats
Yellow star
Lemon Soul Star 3 Lowers enemies defense
Green star
Viridescent Soul Star 4 Freezes time
Blue star
Azure Soul Star 5 Splashes all enemies
Iblue star
Cobalt Soul Star 4 Boosts your attack greatly
Violet star
Lilac Soul Star 6 Blows enemies away
Gold star
Gold Soul Star 7 Strikes lightning on enemies
Dark star
Gloomy Soul Star 8 Steals health from enemies and also lowers their defense
Light star
Bright Soul Star 10 Instantly defeats weak enemies and heavily damages stronger enemies
Rainbow star
Prism Soul Star 12 Boosts your stats by a lot, heals you and damages all enemies
Pixel star
Square Soul Star 13 Deals incredible damage to all enemies


Purse Bought in Toad Town Mall Allows you to carry 1000 Coins instead of 500
Pretty Purse
Pretty Purse Dropping the Purse in a Flower Pond Allows you to carry 1500 Coins
Big Purse
Big Purse Doing 10 Cow Quests Allows you to carry 3000 Coins
Mega Massive Purse
Mega-Massive Purse In a chest in Toad Town Sewers, needs a key from 30 Cow Quests Allows you to carry 7500 Coins


  • Lenba


    There is a secret NPC called Lenba, he doesn't look like the paper artwork style of the game, much like Paradox. He can only be encountered by entering a secret room in Toad Town Sewers. When you try to talk to him he will say "..." and will start a battle with you.
    • His attacks are ridiculously powerful (stronger than final boss) and his defense is also ridiculous (higher than Steeldit). Defeating him gives you 1000 Coins and a Lenny Fang, which heals health by 99,999.
    • Once he has been defeated the room can't be accessed again, but you can fight him again in Paradox Tower, where he also is in a secret room. His second encounter can only be fought after defeating him the first time, but it can be farmed and will never run out. Unfortunately, he takes a bit to respawn and he also gets stronger each time.
    • If you use a Soul Star on Lenba he will summon a Chocolate Star XZ, a very strong enemy that appears near the end of the game. Because these things drop a lot of coins and items, it is advised to spam the fire attack on him to make him constantly create them. However, you have to be careful as these things can be very dangerous along with Lenba attacking you to. You also want a Mega-Massive Purse to hold a lot of coins.

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