Flag of Ratchetland
Capital City Glassmill Hallow
Largest City Shadekeep
Language(s) English // Zulu // Korean
Leader(s) Queen Semhar Tadesse
Government Monarchy
Population 1,200,000 (approximately)
Currency USD ($)
Drives on the Left
Measuring System Metric
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Abbreviation RL
Included Environment(s)
Savanna // Bayou // Tropical // Mountainous.

Ratchetland is a country located in the south-west of the planet Osiris, in the Dolenia continent where it borders the countries Eeria and Lumogonia.

Ratchetland is very well equipped in terms of resources and cached weaponry. Their leader, Queen Semhar Tadesse, known by the rest of the world as a warmonger; relentless, unorthodox and jaded, the Queen has given the country a trashy reputation which has led to her typically opting to engage in length and hostile conflicts with her enemies.

Despite this, Ratchetland is renowned for its work in the media by creating the world's greatest pieces of moving imagery over the few centuries of its existence. They take pride in producing flawless artworks in all platforms like music, television and cinema.



Shadekeep, a northern district of Ratchetland, is one of the leaders in motion picture production. Since the early 20th century, the film industry has largely been based in and around Shadekeep, although in the 21st century an increasing number of films are not made there, and film companies have been subject to the forces of globalization as well as distribution throughout Osiris.

The music of Ratchetland reflects the country's multi-ethnic population through a diverse array of styles, however, these only include influences from the Zulu, Korean and English population. K-Pop being the most popular genre of music.


Due to the Queen's fondness of three specific languages and ability to actually speak them all, the main languages of Ratchetland are English, Korean and Zulu. The ability to speak any of these languages are all highly regarded as specific skills required by the Queen in order for people to actually live and thrive in the country as well as have the greatest opportunities.


Due to the Queen not being religious herself, religion isn't exactly enforce by the monarchy and thus doesn't necessarily play a huge part in day-to-day life. Therefore, it's relatively non-existent. But there is exception to foreigners willing to migrate to the country if they do follow a set-specific religion.


Ratchetland was the Osiris' oldest surviving federation and was a constitutional republic and representative democracy. However, when Queen Semhar Tadesse took control, this political system collapsed entirely and became an empire where everything had to be how the leader envisioned. In present day, she still rules and the country is the best it's ever been.


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