Rareware Racing, or Rare R, is a racing game feturing Rareware characters. it's also the sequel to Diddy Kong Racing



Image Name Description Series
Diddy Kong Racer
Diddy This little monkey wants more than helping DK! His dream is to win the Master Kart-Racing championship so he can be rewarded for bananas. Donkey Kong
Banjo This brown bear wants to race with his buddy Diddy. Banjo has some jiggies to help him! Banjo-Kazooie
Conker This little swearing squirrel wants to win lots of "dough" for this kart championship he's going to compete. Conker wishes he doesn't want to race Diddy since their mostly related as best friends. Conker

Star Fox (1)
Fox Fox came to this kart-race to get money so he can repair his ship. Star Fox

Spinal After done with fighting, Spinal decides to do other than filming. Then he joins the Rare crew in kart-racing as a starter character! Killer Instinct


Image Name Description Series How to Unlock
Avatar (Your Xbox Live username will be used) (You make your own story about why you want to compete in the kart-racing) Xbox Finish any cup with any character in 50cc.
Mumbo Mumbo wants to come since Banjo came! This skull face creature has came along with his staff. Banjo-Kazooie Race 8 Time Trails (any time) with Banjo.
Joanna dark N64 render
Joanna Dark Since Joanna is an expert pilot and driver, why not she can enter in the race? Perfect Dark Beat the 100cc Perfect Dark Cup.