Rareware: The Fighters was set for release one year after Super Smash Brother's popularity. The game was set for release on the N64 Disk Drive but the Disk Drive was only released in Japan where it was very unsuccessful. And this caused Rareware: The Fighters to be canceled and for the idea to be scrapped. Some files for the game have been found as well as some concept art and designs.

Game Designers

This game was programmed and designed by most of the makers of Super Smash Bros. The animation and sprites for Rareware characters were designed by the makers of Diddy Kong: Racing,the creators of Banjo and Kazooie and the designers of Conkers Bad Fur Day.


Conker squirrel
Banjo 2
Donkey Kong RAREWARE
Diddy Kong Rareware the fighters
Fox 2
Kazooie 2
Challenger approaching
Dixie Kong 2
Falco Is GAY
Super Mario2