HEA Name Rapunzel

Rapunzel Dream

Rapunzel Portrait

Rapunzel, princess of Camelot
Full Name Rapunzel Gothel
Current Age 16
Date of Birth August 21st
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Princess
Family and Relations
Arthur (father)
Aoife (stepmother)
Snow White (stepsister)
Main Weapon(s) Dagger
Magic seeds
Sexuality Heterosexual
Little Flower (Arthur)
Sis (Snow)
Blondie (Grumpy)
Kid (Grumpy)
Voice Actor(s)
Emily Hampshire
First Appearance Happily Ever After
Series Happily Ever After
Tell my wicked stepmother that I’m out. I want her to know that I’m onto her.
Rapunzel, Happily Ever After

Rapunzel is a disgraced princess who was banished to a tower by her stepmother, Aoife. After breaking out and cutting her once extremely long hair, she is out to seek vengeance on the evil queen who locked her away.

Physical Appearance

Rapunzel is a Caucasian woman with a strong build, who is slightly shorter than normal for her age. Her eyes are blue and her face is covered in freckles. She has blonde hair which is exceedingly long, but Rapunzel later cuts it into an untidy bob.

While living at home in the castle, Rapunzel normally wears a wide variety of dresses, all of which are easy to move about in. Many of them are adorned with flower accessories or patterns.

In her dreams, regardless of whether she has cut her hair or not, Rapunzel has her exceptionally long hair. She wears a purple off-shoulder dress with the hem designed loosely after a flower. The top of the dress is a lighter purple, and a shinier material. She also wears a pendant in the shape of a black spade with a red gem around her neck. Rapunzel goes barefoot in this outfit.

Rapunzel's "adventuring gear" consists of a sleeveless white tank top, blue pants and brown shoes. Slung across her waist in opposite directions are brown and grey belts. The brown belt comes with a gold-embroidered sheath for her dagger, and the grey has a pouch attached.


Rapunzel grew up a princess. As such, her life was very luxurious. She lived in a large castle with her father and staff. Following the death of her mother at a young age, her father would not allow her to cut her hair, for reasons he refuses to tell anybody. Rapunzel also felt that she had to live up to her mother's legacy, as she would be Queen someday.

Arthur met a woman named Aoife, and the two began to date. Her daughter, Snow, was around Rapuzel's age. The two rarely saw eye to eye, and Snow felt a fondness for Rapunzel that was not mutual. Eventually, the girls' parents would marry, making them stepsisters. Rapunzel didn't get along with Aoife, but kept it to herself for the most part.

One day, Rapunzel took it upon herself to teach her stepsister to fight, just as the guards of the castle had taught her after her mother's passing. Not long after beginning, Snow screamed for her mother. She claimed Rapunzel had attempted to stab her, infuriating Aoife. Even Arthur was convinced that Rapunzel had made an attempt on her stepsister's life, which was rather out of character for him. As punishment, Rapunzel was banished to a tower elsewhere in the kingdom.

After escaping her tower and training herself further, Rapunzel has a thirst for revenge and hopes to kill the "Evil Queen".

During her quest, Rapunzel found herself in a forest ruled by a ruthless dictator. She teamed up with a dwarf named Grumpy, after coming to the agreement that Grumpy would escort Rapunzel out of the forest if she could kill their ruler - who had poisoned the crops of the forest with a spell that forced the dwarves to do her bidding. The ruler was revealed to be none other than Snow White, and Rapunzel refused to kill her. Snow bought the two of them to a hospital - much to Grumpy's dismay - and the two stepsisters talked out their grievances with each other. Snow revealed that she has the ability to force others to obey her, and that she used her power on Arthur to convince him that Rapunzel had attempted to murder her. However, it's revealed that Snow had no choice in the matter; Aoife had forced her to do it. Snow uses her magic on an unknowing Rapunzel, making her cut off her long hair and tell Snow that Grumpy is actually a rebel. Snow gifted Rapunzel with a map to somebody who can help her defeat Aoife. It was not until she had left the forest that Rapunzel realised her hair had been cut.


Rapunzel is a rather negative person with an undying need to kill the woman who locked her up. She is very vengeful, and finds it very hard to forgive, or to let go of a grudge. As a matter of fact, she doesn't like people that much. She has been overtaken by revenge and bloodlust, though has a weak spot for her family, especially her father. She will go to extreme lengths to achieve her goal, showing just how determined she is. Rapunzel also has an uncontrollable case of sass.

After about a month of being trapped in her tower, Rapunzel lost all hope that her father would free her. She is her own worst critic and still is to this day, as she had nobody else to take her anger out on but herself.

Her time spent in captivity has left her feeling as though she is weaker than most others. As a result, she revels in positions of power and actively seeks it.


Rapunzel has no magical abilities, but she has trained in fighting from a young age. She wields a dagger that she uses in combat, which she received from her dwarf ally, Grumpy. Her fighting style focuses on stealth, then ambushing her opponents. She uses her small stature to her advantage, as well as trinkets she may have picked up on her journey, such as magical seeds from Jack.

Prior to cutting her hair, Rapunzel would have used it as an asset in battle. She would use it to trip opponents larger than her, or to constrict them if they have no sharp weapons. After having such an essential part of her fighting style lost, Rapunzel is not as confident in her fighting skills.



Rapunzel has a very passionate hatred towards Aoife. When Aoife and Arthur were dating, Rapunzel felt very uneasy around her. She didn't like the idea of somebody replacing her mother, and that was what she saw Aoife as; a replacement that could never live up to the standards set before her. Rapunzel has always felt like Aoife was biased against her for reasons unknown. Rapunzel revealed to Snow during one of their better moments that Aoife was the thing she hated most.

Since Aoife banished her to a tower on the far reaches of the kingdom, Rapunzel's hatred for Aoife has only intensified. Her hatred has turned into a lust for revenge that drives Rapunzel's every move. Rapunzel's ultimate goal is to kill her stepmother, no matter the cost.

Rapunzel has taken to referring to Aoife as her "wicked stepmother" or the "Evil Queen".


Prior to being banished to a tower, Rapunzel and Snow didn't have a great relationship. The two had the reverse of the typical sister dynamic, so to speak. Despite being younger, Rapunzel found Snow to be a general nuisance, while Snow - the older of the two - looked up to Rapunzel and asked many questions about what royal life is like.

During her time in the tower, Rapunzel hated Snow almost as much as she hated Aoife. Though they didn't get along perfectly beforehand, she didn't know how Snow could betray her as she did. Rapunzel took to referring to Snow as her "wicked stepsister".

After meeting Snow in the dwarf forest and hearing her side of the story, the two have a much better relationship. They share a mutual disliking of the Queen, though Snow's feelings are much more complicated than Rapunzel's. Rapunzel's feelings toward Snow are more complicated than ever now. Though Snow had no choice in betraying her, and even gave her a map guiding her to somebody who can help her, they have not talked about how Snow used her persuasion magic to force Rapunzel to sell out Grumpy and cut her hair.


Rapunzel's feelings toward her father are one of the few constants in her life. She loves him with all her heart, and the two were very close prior to Rapunzel's banishment. Rapunzel's love for her father is commonly viewed as one of her biggest weaknesses - and one easily exploited.

While her feelings toward her father remain the same, it's currently unknown what his feelings for her are, after being forced to believe that she attempted to murder her stepsister.


Grumpy and Rapunzel got off on a bad foot. While initially Rapunzel was very hostile towards Grumpy, it was only circumstantial. The two have a lot in common and their relationship is described by some as a "sass-off". They trusted each other enough to share their stories with one another, and Grumpy confessed something he had not confessed before; his love for Doc.

The mutual trust between the two has since been broken, after Snow forced Rapunzel to tell her that Grumpy is a rebel. Rapunzel feels immense guilt over this, and blames both herself and her stepsister. It's been confirmed that the incident will affect Grumpy deeply, but the extent of this is unknown.









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  • Rapunzel is, obviously, based on the fairy tale character of the same name
    • She also has ties to Cinderella, having a "wicked stepmother" and "wicked stepsister"
    • Rapunzel is one of the characters in Happily Ever After with the fewest ties to fairy tales
  • Rapunzel's surname is a reference to Dame Gothel, the woman who locked her up in the original fairy tale
  • Her concept began as "Rapunzel with short hair" and expanded from there
    • She also partially stemmed from the creator being mad at how Once Upon A Time brushed off Rapunzel as a one-episode character with no twists
  • Rapunzel was the first character created for Happily Ever After
    • A version of Mulan was the second character crafted, but was ultimately scrapped
  • Prior to cutting her hair, Rapunzel had a habit of braiding it when nervous
  • Many of her dresses are based on flowers, often specifically the campanula rapunculus, the flower which she is named after
  • It has been stated that Rapunzel and Aurora were created to be opposites of each other