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Rapunzel New
Rapunzel, a disgraced princess
Full Name Rapunzel Gothel
Current Age 17
Date of Birth August 21st
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Disgraced princess, vigilante
Main Weapon(s) Knife
Element(s) None
First Appearance Happily Ever After
Series Happily Ever After
Family and Relations
Arthur (father), Aoife (stepmother), Snow White (stepsister)
Tell my wicked stepmother that I’m out. I want her to know that I’m onto her.
Rapunzel, Happily Ever After

Rapunzel is a disgraced princess who was banished to a tower by her stepmother, Aoife. After breaking out and cutting her once extremely long hair, she is out to seek vengeance on the evil queen who locked her away.

Physical Appearance

Rapunzel is a Caucasian woman with a strong build, who is slightly shorter than normal for her age. Her eyes are blue and her face is covered in freckles. Her neck-length blond hair is cut very untidily and spikes up. She wears a sleeveless white tank top, blue pants and brown shoes. Slung across her waist in opposite directions are brown and grey belts. The brown belt comes with a sheath for her dagger, and the grey has a pouch attached. Rapunzel has various scars along her body, including a rather noticeable one on her right cheek.


Rapunzel grew up a princess. As such, her life was very luxurious. She lived in a large castle with her father and staff. Following the death of her mother at a young age, her father would not allow her to cut her hair, for unknown reasons. Rapunzel also felt that she had to live up to her mother's legacy, as she would be Queen someday.

Arthur met a woman named Aoife, and the two began to go out. Her daughter, Snow, was around Snow's age. The two rarely saw eye to eye, and Snow felt a fondness for Rapunzel that was not mutual. Eventually, the girls' parents would marry, making them stepsisters. Rapunzel didn't get along with Aoife, but kept it to herself for the most part.

One day, Rapunzel took it upon herself to teach her stepsister to fight. Not long after beginning, Snow screamed for her mother. She claimed Rapunzel had attempted to stab her, infuriating Aoife. Even Arthur was convinced that Rapunzel had made an attempt on her stepsister's life. As punishment, Rapunzel was banished to a tower elsewhere in the kingdom.

After escaping her tower and training herself further, Rapunzel has a thirst for revenge and hopes to kill the "Evil Queen".


Rapunzel is a rather negative person with an undying need to kill the woman who locked her up. She is very vengeful, and finds it very hard to forgive, or to let go of a grudge. As a matter of fact, she doesn't like people that much. She has been overtaken by revenge and bloodlust, though has a weak spot for her family, especially her father. She will go to extreme lengths to achieve her goal, showing just how determined she is. Rapunzel also has an uncontrollable case of sass.

After about a month of being trapped in her tower, Rapunzel lost all hope that her father would free her. She is her own worst critic and still is to this day, as she had nobody else to take her anger out on but herself. Some of her scars may have been self inflicted.

Her time spent in captivity has left her feeling as though she is weaker than most others. As a result, she revels in positions of power and actively seeks it.


Rapunzel has no magical abilities, but she has trained in fighting from a young age. She wields a dagger that she uses in combat. Her fighting style focuses on stealth, then ambushing her opponents. She uses her small stature to her advantage, as well as trinkets she may have picked up on her journey, such as magical seeds from Jack.










  • Rapunzel is, obviously, based on the fairy tale character of the same name
  • Her concept began as "Rapunzel with short hair" and expanded from there
    • She also partially stemmed from Hamclub13 (tbc) being mad at how Once Upon A Time brushed off Rapunzel as a one-episode character with no twists
  • Rapunzel was the first character created for Happily Ever After
  • Rapunzel's 16th birthday was spent in her tower
  • Prior to cutting her hair, Rapunzel had a habit of braiding it when nervous

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