Raphael The Raven

Raphael the Raven

Raphael the Raven is a Boss character who first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. He is the leader of the Ravens who have been rivals of the Yoshis for years. However, he has also been shown helping Mario in Paper Mario, and in Tetris Attack he was a friend of Yoshi brainwashed by Kamek and Bowser. Therefore, no one really knows whether or not he's a villain.

Super Smash Bros. Ω

Raphael is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Ω. He is the third representative from the Yoshi series.



Peck is Raphael's standard move. He pecks, hopefully damaging an opponent. It doesn't do much damage.

Raven Toss

Raven Toss is Raphael's side move. He will pull out a small raven and throw it. It will fly for a little while before landing and walking around the stage. If it reaches the edge of a platform, it will glide off. If it hits an opponent, it will latch on to their heads and peck them until they somehow get rid of it. It will then vanish. If it reaches the edge of the stage, it will turn around.

Spin Kick

Spin Kick is Raphael's up move. He will do a vertical spin, kicking his feet all the way. It does surprisingly high damage if he can hit someone, which is really hard for him to do.

Body Slam

Body Slam is Raphael's down move. He will fly up a little ways before charging diagonally down. If he hits someone, they will be trapped in the ground for a short time.

Wrath of the Ravens

Wrath of the Ravens is Raphael's final smash. Once he breaks open the Smash Ball, he will fly to the center of the stage and caw loudly. A huge storm of ravens which completely cover the stage appear, and when they're all gone, all of the opponents have been put all the way to 300%. It is impossible to KO opponents with this attack, and therefore someone else can KO an opponent before Raphael can. Unless friendly fire is on, this attack will not damage teammates.

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