Raphael is Mario and Luigi's other brother. Unlike them, he wasn't taken to a new family by a stork. Since the Mario Brother's parents died Raphael was taken to an orphanage. That's where he grew up. Later in his life he became a forensic scientist. In one of his experiments, he was attempting to recreate a super mushroom. It later turned out as a failure and he decided to abandon the project, instead moving to a richer area where he could buy more needed supplies. He moved to New Donk City. He was thriving there, he made his own business and everything. Though one day, he saw something he'd never imagine possible. Mario's ship. He was thinking he was just hallucinating and decided to head back to his experimenting. Though when Mario entered Raphael's labratory in search for a specific power moon, he noticed Raphael. Cappy told him he had looked a lot like Mario, though Raphael said he had no siblings. He just handed over the power moon and that was the end of it. Raphael thought it was strange how his own clothes, hat, and even facial features, were so similar to Mario's. He'd never noticed it like he did this time, since he had always ignored what people had told him. And when Raphael looked into his deep family tree, he was shocked. Overwhelmed with the fact that Mario and Luigi where his brothers, he imediently took action, running out of his lab in search for his red-capped brother. Opon his search, he had found nothing. And just when he thought all hope was lost, he saw Mario's ship. Just like before. He noticed it was landing so he sprinted full speed ahead. Even thoough he was out of breath, he leaped higher then he'd ever jumped. It felt so unreal. Raphael hugged Mario and spoke. "I remember you now, bro. I just wish you remembered me."


  • Big round nose just like his brothers
  • Shortest of the three
  • Musketeer mustache
  • Shaved beard
  • White gloves
  • Black shoes
  • Orange overalls
  • Navy blue shirt
  • White lab coat
  • Navy blue hat with an "R" in the middle

That's right people. After three years this page was updated. Not like many people are even going to notice, but I'm just saying. Still not the most original "third mario brother" story, huh? Well it doesn't have to be. It's at least something.