No villain can escape the ancient justice!
The Rapa-Nui Friends catchword.

The Rapa-Nui Friends
Rapa-Nui Friends Logo
Logo of the Rapa-Nui Friends.
Leader(s) Lucario, Pharaoh Man, Mondo Owada, Lucifer Neb-jeperu-Ra The V (2053)
Alignment Good
Kind of Group Heroes
(Notable) Members
Lucario Ancient
Pharaoh Man Cossack
Mondo Owada
Lucifer Neb-jeperu-Ra The V (2053)
Adolph "Ado" Ancient
Adeleine Cossack
Ethan "Gold" Shine
Miles "Tails" Prower
Nitori Kawashiro
Patricia "Peacock" Watson
Founded at/in From the LKGN Team and Pharaoh Team
First Appearance Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends
Latest Appearance Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Fullmetal Warfare
Save people, avoid accidents, stop criminals and villains
Easter Island, Super Heroes
Rival Group(s)
Energix Logo, Negatrix - Sigma Logo
Easter Island Heroes

The Rapa-Nui Friends are a group of heroes from the Easter Island located near Chile, consisting on various members with special abilities and powers. They are a force that do any super heroes job, being worldwide known and respected due to the epic archievements no human or adventurer have done before from their ancestors.


Lucario AncientEdit

He is a bipedal blue colored dog-like creature that has the mission to save people and defeat criminals along with Pharaoh Man and Mondo.

Pharaoh Man CossackEdit

He is an egyptian-based machine originally working for archeology sites, until he decided to change his route to be an hero along with Lucario and Mondo.

Mondo OwadaEdit

He is the former leader of the inactive Crazy Diamonds, now starting a new life helping the people instead of harming them, he later realizes he has an unstoppable force, the legend of ancient times. He does his job with Lucario and Pharaoh Man.

Lucifer Neb-jeperu-Ra The VEdit

He is a ninja egyptian goth boy from the future and, despite his name, he is a nice boy and he cares a lot for his parents Lucy Loud and Ramses and will even die to keep them safe, he is the descendant of the legendary Mystical Ninja Goemon. His mentor is Mondo Owada and does his job with the Rapa-Nuis in 2053.

Adolph "Ado" AncientEdit

He was found along with his twin sister Adeleine by Lucario and Pharaoh Man after an incident with Bowser in Pop Star. Since then, his new home is the island and likes to bash the bad guys. He has a crush on Peacock.

Adeleine CossackEdit

She was found along with her twin brother Ado after an incident with Bowser in her native planet. Now she lives on her new home like Ado. She gets very well along Nitori.

Ethan "Gold" ShineEdit

True named Ethan, Gold wants to teach his Pokémon team to follow the hero steps and boost their strength. He likes to raise and breed his Pokémons and play pool at his free time.

Miles "Tails" ProwerEdit

Miles Prower, nicknamed Tails, is The Fastest Hedgehog's best friend, he was sent to The Rapa-Nui Friends for a long time to train and improve his machinery, it's not know when he is gonna leave.

Nitori KawashiroEdit

She was found by Bowser to destroy The Rapa-Nui Friends, but after her defeat, they told she was used to attack the wrong target, as they are not enemies. Now she lives with them, as still sells her products in Gensokyo.

Patricia "Peacock" WatsonEdit

She was found by Bowser to do the same thing like he done with Nitori. After the explain, she stays to live with the team, as Peacock is now homeless after the destruction of the Lab 8 from Canopy Kingdom.