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Randy and Lotey
Full Name Randy
Current Age 8
Location Castle Street
Class Child, Student
Main Weapon(s) Electricity
Element(s) Electricity
Family and Relations
Randy and Lotey
Full Name Lotey
Current Age 6
Location Castle Street
Class Child, Student
Main Weapon(s) Water/Grass
Element(s) Water/Grass
Family and Relations

Randy and Lotey are heroes in the Litle P and Sandslash Series, as well as one of the titular character's friends. Randy is the oldest in Litle P's "Group", being 8, while Lotey is the second youngest at 6. Both of them are usually Score-keepers, Referees, or other roles when the friends play games. They have a Destiny Bond, meaning they cannot move far from each other, can read each other's minds, and both share pain.

Their personalities often change, but they remain relatively the same. Lotey is (suprisingly) the more "jumpier" of the two, and also the more intelligent. He is mute, so Randy has to talk for him. Randy, on the other hand, has sometimes shown himself to be wild, but he's usually very laid-back and reserved.

Relationships to Other Charcters


  • Litle P

Litle P is Randy's friend for forever (according to them). However, he sometimes gets annoyed when Litle P's antics get to wild.

  • Cleffa

They are good friends, but Cleffa plays with Lotey more

  • Lotey

Even though they both fight constantly, they are both brothers and Randy is very protective of Lotey.

  • Sandslash

They are on good terms, and can be considered friends.


  • Litle P

while not as close to Litle P as Randy is, they are still good friends

  • Cleffa

Lotey and Cleffa are very good friends.

  • Randy

While they both fight almost all of the time, Randy is Lotey's only way to communicate to the world, and his older brother.





  • playing the guitar
  • playing the harmonica
  • whistling


  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Photography



  • Originally, Sandslash P was to be named Randy. the P in Randy's nickname is a homage to that.
  • Randy is a good musician, while Lotey is an artist. Art and Music are both considered forms of art.

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