Random Fighters (Yeah, I know it is an unoriginal sounding name) is a Baby Waffle fighting game. It includes a lot of random characters.


Random Fighters plays a bit like Super Smash Brothers. It involves wearing down the opponents health using attacks, special attacks and combos. You can also build up power to power up your special moves or unleash a ultra move, similar to a final smash. You can also use items against your opponents. The story mode's gameplay is different, the game is more like a Turn Based RPG that has different character arcs that intertwine with eachother. The Wii U version allows you to automatically tap to do the special moves.



There is at least 100 fighters. 50 are starter and 50 are unlockable.


Photo of Fighter Original Appearence Description
Gabriel van Helsing

Gabriel Van Helsing

Van Helsing  The monster hunter has come to brawl! He can use his Crossbow, Stakes, Revolvers and Buzzsaws to attack. He is good at long range with his revolvers and crossbow, mid range with stakes and close range with his buzzsaws. He is 
C480x270 68

Richard the Cat

Richard the Cat on tumblr The Home Depot Cat on tumblr is here. And he uses his claws and teeth. He is very agile and can close the distance
The Grinch

The Grinch

How the Grinch Stole Christmas The mean old grinch comes to fight. And he uses a variety of different tools made to cause trouble. He can use a variety of moves at any range and in air.

Judge Dredd

Batman Lee


Perry the Platypus Photoshopped

Perry the Platypus


Nostalgia Critic


Marvin the Martian


Blockbuster Buster


Ryu Hayabusa


Rocky and Bullwinkle

Quote 2

James Bond

Worst 3

Angry Joe


Jack Sparrow


Photo of Character Origin Description How to Unlock

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