>>>>>>>>>> Fantendo the Animated Series

(Opening) - (Title card) - Written by .vectorDestiny

The episode opens with the narrator speaking a few words with the viewer: I will make a single question to you. Can you believe on your past? Is your past true?. We see a picture of Unten, in what it seems to be like a sewer with electrical wires everywhere. The screen glitches for a few seconds then it goes black.

The footage rewinds and it stops at a 3:50 mark. Then it plays normaly. We see a shot of Unten, Hama, Scratch and Data in an unknown location. "So about that...", Data said, "Let's not talk about it.", Unten replied, in a tone of disgust. They go silent for a few seconds. The footage rewinds once again, this time to the beginning.

The footage shows Unten, Data, Hama, Scratch, Britt on the Chief Dongorio's Village. A meteor crashed on the forest nearby. "Why this so suddenly? There hasn't been a meteor crash for years...", Dongorio said. "Something is wrong", Britt said, "The meteor isn't hot, it is cold. It means that it didn't crashed today. It has been here for a longer time", "So what about the earthquake? According to the data from this place, there is no Earthquake reports from this place", Data asked, "Simple. It wasn't a Earthquake. It was something from the Meteor.", Britt replied, "This meteor shares some interesting things...", Britt said, after she was interrupted by Unten, "Come on, what is wrong with it, it is just a met-", Unten came close to the meteor, however stopped midway and fainted. "What the hell?", Hama shouted. Once again, the footage stops. It goes back to the 3:50 mark.

"So about that...", Data said. "Let's not talk about it.", Unten replied, in a tone of disgust. They go silent for a few seconds. "Britt, I have a question.", Scratch said. "What is the matter Scratch?", Britt replied. "You said that the meteor had some interesting things on it... what things you was talking about?", Scratch asked. "This is a question that should not be answered.", Unten says, while leaving the room. "What the hell is wrong with him?", Hama asked. "Ahem, answering Scratch's question, the me-", Britt was interrupted by a fire alarm, which makes a very loud sound. "Who the fuck did this!?!", Hama said while entering her Fury Mode and destroying the fire alarm. "...You know there was a button to make the alarm stop didn't you?", Data said, "Whatever.", Hama replied. "Any more interruptions?... Ok, Scratch, the meteor is not a normal meteor, in fact it is a piece of Unten's homeplanet... Zeon.", Britt said. "What the heeeell? Don't throw plot twists like that without any warning!", Hama shouted. "Turn down your volume, Hama. Anyway, I'm not sure about it, Dongorio gave me a rock that he found when Unten's ship crashed on this planet. The rock was in fact from Zeon. Both that rock and the meteor shares similarities.", Britt explained. "Talk about the things you can discover using a rock...", Scratch said.

The footage skips some parts. It goes from 4:01 to 4:10. "That doesn't explain Unten from fainting by getting close from the damn meteor.", Hama said. "I can't expain that either. The only thing that I know from the Zeon rock is that reacts pretty badly to a certain type of metal. Not the type used in rocks. Because that type isn't from Zeon. It is metal from this planet.", Britt replied. "Explain.", Data said. "It could make a metal melt itself. In other words, if you got close instead, you would be dead in an instant." Britt replied. "I didn't even wanted to go to Zeon anyway.", Data replied. "Zeon hasn't been destroyed. It is a heavily damaged state. That's all I will say.", Unten appeared on the room, said that and left. "Unten is acting pretty weird.", Scratch noted.

The next shot shows Unten on the outside, but oddly the footage's audio has been muted. The screen glitches once again. Footage is missing. It skips again. And also skips a scene where Hama and Britt talks to each other. The footage goes normal. The room once again shows Data and Scratch. Data goes into sleep mode and Scratch cleans the place. Jake, Kirp, White and Mika goes into the room. "We heard what happened to Unten.", Mika said, in a worried tone. "I have been a friend of Unten since he was a teenager... he never acted like that.", Kirp noted. "I could write a fanfic about that.", Jake said. "Wrong series, Jake. Wrong series.", White replied.

Kirp goes outside to talk with Unten. "What is wrong with you?", Kirp said. "Someone told me. Danger is real. Fear is a choice.", Unten said in a sad tone. "You downright go this from a Will Smith movie didn't you?", Kirp said. The footage once again goes fowards but this time to the sewer from the beginning. The screen blacks out. When it goes back to normal, the same shot of Unten from the beginning pops up again. The screen glitches out, returns for an instant, revealing a Netnu body instead of a Unten one, then it black out again. The footage suddenly ends.

"So I think you know all the story so far." An unknown voice says. "You don't need to know the rest." The voice fades away.

Credits roll. End of the episode.

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