RandomWars is a game for the Nintendo wii u. It works like any other fighting game, bring the heath of your opponent from 200 to 0. However, the controls for specials are the same as smash bros. There is also a new feature, final blow, which is basically the same concept as a final smash from smash bros, with how you get it and how you activate it.


Series: Mario
Up B- Jump Punch
Side B- Cape
B- Fireball
Down B- F.L.U.D.D
Final Blow- Mario Final

Luigi (Unlockable)
Series: Mario
Up B- Jump Punch
Side B- Green Missle
B- Iceball
Down B- Poltergust 6000
Final Blow- Negative Zone

Wario (Unlockable)
Series: WarioWare
Up B- Fart Rocket
Side B- Wario Bike
B- Bite
Down B- Wario Slam
Final Blow- Wario-Man

Plate of Spaghetti
Series: Mario
Up B- Fork Twirl
Side B- Meatball Roll
B- Hot Sauce Blaster
Down B- Boil
Final Blow- Fork Rain

Series: Legend of Zelda
Up B- Sword Tornado
Side B- Gust Boomerang
B- Hero's Bow
Down B- Tattle
Final Blow- Triforce Strike

Series: Mario
Up B- Parasol
Side B- Peach Missile
B- Toad
Down B- Vegetable Pluck
Final Blow: Get Kidnapped

Banana (Unlockable)
Series: Banana
Up B- Banana
Side B- Banana
B- Banana
Down B- Banana
Final Blow: Banana

Series: Slender
Up B- Teleport
Side B- Static Bomb
B- Tentacles
Down B- Head Tilt
Final Blow: Corrupt

rated 10/mlg gud job swagscope
just character select screen, I love it.~IGN