Randamu Warriors is a crossover fighting game made by SuperSonicDarkness (tbc). It will be a much smaller project having around the same amount of characters as Super Smash Bros Brawl. 


  • Randamu Clash: The standard fighting mode of the game, as opposed to traditional fighting games that use health bars, this game, similarly to the Smash Bros series, utulizes damage percentages, and the goal of the game is to knock the opponent of the edge. Items aren't present, making it a bit more like a traditional fighting game. However, you can interact with the stage, as opposed to just simply having hazards. 
  • The Great Collision: The story mode of the game, it focuses on platforming with bosses and other challenges thrown in as well.
  • Classic: In this mode, you play as one character and go up against every other character in the game. (It is only available after unlocking all the characters.) The final battle is a mirror match, going up against the character you are playing as. 

Starting Characters


Character Description
Sonic Randamu Warriors
Sonic the Hedgehog
Smashbros Sonic series
The mascot of gaming company SEGA, Sonic is a speedy fighter who uses shields and his spin dash ability to fight. He also can use Chaos Emeralds. 
Miles "Tails" Prower
Smashbros Sonic series
Sonic's two-tailed friend, Tails can spin his tails to fly, as well as use various gadgets to fight.
Amy Rose
Smashbros Sonic series
Amy is one of Sonic's friends who has a (not-so) secret crush on him. She uses her Piko Piko Hammer to fight.
Twilight Sparkle Core
Twilight Sparkle
MLP FiM Series
A smart friendship student, Twilight Sparkle can use magic to blast energy beams out of her horn or make things levitate, and she also can fly (albeit clumsily.) 
Pinkie Pie
MLP FiM Series
One of Twilight's friends, Pinkie Pie uses party cannons to fight, as well as other party items, such as using a balloon to hover in the air or throwing a cake at the opponent's face, rendering them unable to see. 
SSB Kid Icarus Series
Lady Palutena's guardian angel, Pit has a more diverse arsenal compared to some other fighters, using his bow which doubles as two swords, and other weapons like the Guardian Orbiters or an Ore Club. He also uses his wings to fly. 
SSB Kirby Series
A pink hero from Dreamland, Kirby attacks by eating opponents and using their own powers against them! Well, at least, one of their special moves. His arsenal also includes a hammer and a Warp Star. 

Bandana Waddle Dee
Bandana Dee

SSB Kirby Series
A spear toting Waddle Dee and one of Kirby's allies, Bandana Dee is a bit slower than Kirby, but he uses a spear to fight. He can either throw the spear or use it as a sort of melee weapon. 
Natsu Anime S2
Natsu Dragneel
SSB FairyTail

A Fairy Tail wizard, Natsu is immune to most fire-based attacks, and can attack with fire as well. However, he can't fight that well on moving stages.
Ruby Rose
RWBY icon
A young girl enrolling in Beacon Academy, Ruby uses her scythe in battle, which doubles as a gun.
Princess Peach TTS
Princess Peach
SSB Mario Series
Princess of the SSB Mario Series, Peach uses a parasol, frying pan, and sports items to fight, as well as sending out Toads and using Heart Magic.
Dipper & Mabel RW
Dipper & Mabel
Gravity Falls Icon
Dubbed "The Mystery Twins," these two fighters switch out, like Zelda and Sheik from Brawl, but the sibling who isn't fighting will act as defensive or offensive support. Dipper uses spells and summons from his Book, and Mabel uses ranged attacks like a bedazzler and a grappling hook, as well as kitten fists and her pet pig Waddles. 
SSB Pac-Man Series
A classic gaming icon who has a monstrous appetite. Sound familar? Don't worry though. Unlike Kirby, Pac-Man doesn't use copy abilities, but he can use different kinds of power pellets that give him special abilities. He also can eat people.
Splatoon Ika
SSB Splatoon
An Inkling who attacks by shooting ink or turning into a squid. Ika is a territorial fighter, who works best when she has control over the terrain. She can spray ink on the ground to swim in as a squid, but she cannot attack other players when in her squid form.

Unlockable Characters


Character Description How to Unlock
Mewtwo render by mastergawain-d5x80jy
SSB Pokémon Series
A clone of Mew and a Psychic type Pokemon, Mewtwo uses psychic abilities to fight, and is quite skilled in melee combat as well.
Win a match as every starter character. 
SSB Pokémon Series
A very powerful legendary, Mew uses psychic abilities like Mewtwo does, but Mew is quicker and more nimble, leading to a different fighting style entirely.
Win 25 Matches as Mewtwo.
Knuckles the Echidna
Smashbros Sonic series
A close ally of Sonic, Knuckles' fighting style focuses on punching, and also can glide and dig.
Win 90 Matches as Sonic.
MLP FiM Series
A boasting magician, using magic tricks to fight. She has a very big ego, as seen in her taunts.
Defeat her in Story Mode.
Paper Mario
SSB Mario Series
Mario's Papery form, Paper Mario uses a hammer to fight, as well as summoning his partners. He also can use Papery versions of some of Mario's well known attacks, such as throwing fireballs or kicking koopa shells. 
Win 25 Brawls as Peach. 



Stage Description

The Halberd

SSB Kirby Series
Meta Knight's battleship, you go soaring through the skies in the ship, and a character can go into the cockpit for a short amount of time, and can unleash lasers and other hazards on the battlefield to take out other players.
MysteryShack MAINREF
The Mystery Shack
Gravity Falls Icon
The home of Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, and the others. Here, you can use some of Grunkle Stan's tourist traps to your advantage.


Character Description
Shadow Bug Pinkie
MLP FiM Series
Pinkie when infected by Shadow Bugs. She uses most of her normal attacks to fight, but she hits a bit harder.
MLP FiM Series
A travelling magician, Trixie uses magic, as well as the clones from the stolen Cloning Machine to battle.

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