Randamu Kakuto Gemu
Developer(s) ICGI
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
December 20th, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting Game, Umbrella Game
"Randamu Kakuto Geemu" is an umbrella game for the Wii U. It was developed by Icy Cold Gaming Industries and published by Nintendo. In every reigon, it was released on December 20, 2015. It is the first in the Randamu Kakuto Geemu series.

It's main theme is Alicia Keys Ft. Kendrick Lamar "It's On Again".


The story opens up with us seeing a hand tapping on what appears to a be a chair handle. Suddenly, a large door opens, and Carnage walks in and tells the man that it's ready. He replies with "perfect."

In another scene, we see Mario running with Sonic, saying he'll beat Mario. He does, and Mario says what a good job they did. Suddenly, Luigi is seen running towards them, saying that Spider-Man needs them at Stark Tower. Tails comes and opens a portal to the tower, and in they go.

Meanwhile, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is fixing his suit from a previous battle with Whiplash when Jarvis detects a missile coming in from above. Tony gets in his Iron Man suit just in time before the missile hits, revealing the Mandarin in a plane, which is being flown by someone else. He hops down, and lands on the beach near Tony's now destoryed mansion. Iron Man flies down, and the fight begins.

After defeating the Mandarin, he tells him that he's working with a "mystic master" and that he can't be defeated. Tony calls Emmet, Alpha, DK, Dipper and Mabel, and Eren, and tells them to meet him at Stark Tower.


Default Characters


Image Name Series Description
386px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Mario SSB Mario Series It's no surprise that Mario has returned to the fray. He mostly attacks with Fireballs and jumps, common stuff. His Final Smash is called Super Star.
Bowser SSB4 Bowser SSB Mario Series Like Mario, it's common for the King of Koopas to come back. He can spin into his shell and breathe fire. His Final Smash is Koopa Klown Kar.
SonicSonicmon Sonic SSB Sonic Series The fastest thing alive has entered the fight! He attacks with his moves such as his famous Spin Attack or Rev Roll. His Final is Super Sonic.
Untitleeggman Dr. Eggman SSB Sonic Series The #1 nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog enters the fight with him! He attacks in his Eggmobile, so a Checker Ball and Lazer are present. His Final Smash is Death Egg Robot,
Link garridk Link SSBLegendofZeldaEmblem The hero of Hyrule and the wielder of the Triforce of Courage! He uses attacks with his sword and bow and arrow. His Final Smash is The Loftwing.
Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) Ganondorf SSBLegendofZeldaEmblem The only male Guerdo known, and the wielder of the Triforce of Power! He uses attacks like his double katanas. His Final Smash is Ganon.
Dk(smw13) Donkey Kong SSBDKEmblem The main character of the Donkey Kong series, and the second version of DK. He attacks with ground pounding and barrels, so he's pretty strong. His Final Smash is Rapid Punches.
KRoolSMKAS King K. Rool SSBDKEmblem The REAL main villain of the DK series. He uses his crown and cannonball blaster to harm opponents. His Final Smash is Pirate Ship.
Alpha Alpha TOME One of the five main TOME heroes, Alpha, joins the fight! He attacks by making a shield and using lightning. His Final Smash is Demon Alpha.
Rockoon Rockoon TOME Rockoon is IN, MOTHER STRATCHERS!! Some of his attacks are using bombs and stratching up opponents. His Final Smash is Hacking.
Brittany,charlie Alph, Brittany, and Charlie SSBPikminEmblem The three new captains of Pikmin 3 appear in the fight! They attack using various Pikmin types, like Rock and Flying Pikmin. Their Final Smash is SS Drake.
Eren Eren Jeager Attack On Titan A young boy who has one goal: Kill all Titans. He uses ranged combat, so his 3D Manuveur Gear and his blade are present attacks. His Final Smash is Titan Form.
Spiderman Spider Man SpidermanLogo Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, turning him into the amazing Spider Man! He uses his skillfully praticed aireal moves or his web slingers. His Final Smash is Ultimate Web Trap.
335px-Electro Electro SpidermanLogo Once a Spider Man named Max Dillon, he was turned into Electro due to an incident at Oscorp. He uses electricity based attacks, so he can shock people and float. His Final Smash is Electricity Blast.
EmmetLEGOMovie Emmet SSB Lego Emmet is a hard-working LEGO construction worker who was said to be the Special. He attacks by using a drill and Masterbuilding. His Final Smash is Constructo-Mech.
Ridley brawl by starwaffle-d3dam4y Rideloy SSB Fantendoverse

"Deformed awesomeness."

"He attacks with his tail and flapping his beautiful wings."

"His Final Smash is 'I'M IN SSB4!!!'"

Large Judge Judy Judge Judy Real Life A woman who is obviously a courtroom judge. She uses moves like a gavel and objecting an opponent. Her Final Smash is Found Guilty.
Robotito 90'S Nintendo Robot Real Life Before we had the fancy Wii U and stuff, we had THIS awesome machine. It uses the NES Zapper on it's head to zap ya'll, so watch out! It's Final Smash is Duck Hunt.
Chaplin Charlie Chaplin Real Life The man who Walt Disney admired! He attacks by doing funny dances and whacking people with his cane. His Final Smash is Cartwheels Galore!
Quote 2 Quote Cave Story The main hero from Cave Story enters the fray! He can use swords and regular guns to his advantage. His Final Smash is Missile Launcher.
Mary poppins Mary Poppins DisneyIcon The main character in Disney's Mary Poppins, and one of Disney's most iconic characters. She uses a spoon full of sugar and an umbrella to fight. Her Final Smash is Chimney Cleaning.
GreenGoblinFull Green Goblin SpidermanLogo Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, is Spiderman's most famous enemy. He uses his Goblin Glider and Pumpkin Bombs to knock out the competition. His Final Smash is Spider Man 1 Form.
Cooking Mama Cooking Mama Cooking Mama A mama that cooks for you. Nuff said. She attacks by using household kitchen tools, like a spatula or a frying pan. Her Final Smash is Dinner Time!
Nessness Ness Earthbound Symbol A PSI-wielding boy and the main hero of Earthbound. He uses PK-based moves and a baseball bat to attack people. His Final Smash is PK Thunder.
Ghost Mario Ghost Mario SSBMarioEmblem Every game needs a Mario clone, and this is one of them! It attacks by using Boo's as projectiles and other attacks. It's Final Smash is Invisibility.
Mr.PeabodyAndSherman Mr. Peabody and Sherman Mr. Peabody and Sherman A family of two enters the fray! A kid and Oh well. They use tag team attacks, like weak melee attacks and biting. Their Final Smash is The WAYBAC.
FrozenElsa Elsa SSB Frozen The new queen of Arendalle, Elsa is a princess who can use ice powers to her advantage. She attacks with snowflakes and flurries. Her Final Smash is Marshmallow.
Captain obvious Captain Obvious  Heaven Defender of the obvious! He's CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!! He attacks by using punches and kicks, saying obvious facts about them. His Final Smash is Obvious Explosion.
HomerNew Homer Simpson SSB Simpsons The man of the Simpson's household, and a lazy man. He attacks with empty beer glasses and strangling his opponents. His Final Smash is Radiation Smash.
MICKEYnintendolook Mickey Mouse DisneyIcon The most popular Disney character, and most popular cartoon! He attacks with his Paint and Thinner. His Final Smash is Steamboat Willie.
025Pikachu Pikachu SSB Pokémon Classic The Electric Mouse Pokemon enters the fray! He attacks by using Thunder-based attacks, like Thunder Bolt. His Final Smash is Thunder Shock.
006Charizard Charizard SSB Pokémon Classic It's Charizard, the Flame Pokemon! It attacks by using Fire-based attacks, like Ember. It's Final Smash is Blast Burn.
389Torterra Torterra SSB Pokémon Classic Here comes Torterra, the Continent Pokemon! It attacks using Grass-based attacks, like Leaf Storm. It's Final Smash is Giga Drain.
67103-danny-devito Danny DeVito Real Life Is this man legend or what? (Ok, most of the time, yes.) He uses attacks from his movies, like goat horns and penguins. His Final Smash is Truffla Trees. (Heavy hitters, right?)
Czim Zim ZimSymbol HE IS ZIM!! BOW BEFORE HIM!!! He uses his PAK and other freaky Irken technology, like ray guns. His Final Smash is Irken Armada.
Gir-1 GIR ZimSymbol Zim's adorable yet mentally challenged robot. It attacks by using piggies and tacos and other random stuff. It's Final Smash is SIR Unit Mode.
ThCA9SJ4O1 Mercedes Benz Real Life The newest edition to the inanimate objects that fight catergory. It justs drives all over people with it's wheel. It's Final Smash is Headlight Glare.
IronManSpriteTonyStark Iron Man/ Tony Stark IronManLogo A billionaire, the owner of Stark Industries, and Iron Man himself! He can switch between his alter ego and his Iron Man suit, so he has a wide range of attacks. His Final Smash is Hulkbuster Armor.
Batman-justice-league-3329865-176-345 Batman Batmansymbol He's the darkness. He's the knight. He's BATMAN!! He uses his wide assortment of items, such as Batarangs and his Bat Grapple Gun. His Final Smash is Batmobile.
1000px-Maleficent Maleficent DisneyIcon It is Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil! She attacks with her crow, Diablo, and her magical staff. Her Final Smash is Dragon Form.
My life as a Teenage Robot XJ9 Jenny My Life As A Teenage Robot XJ9, aka Jenny Wakeman, is, well, a teenage robot. She uses her flying abilities and super strengh to fight! Her Final Smash is Other XJs Summon!
ThCA5AZIIY Bravest Warriors Bravest Warriors Chris, Wallow, Beth, and Danny are the members of the Bravest Warriors! They can switch out between teammates, having numerous attacks! Their Final Smash is The Hideout!
Th Spyro Spyro Spyro The Dragon One of Playstations older mascots joins the fight! He can charge at you with his horns or breathe out fire! His Final Smash is Superflame.
Chcrashtwin Crash Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoots, Playstation's OTHER old mascot. He uses cyclone spinning and using his super belly flop. His Final Smash is Death Tornado.
Pollpubpolls634312295300255000- -screenshot20110121at85649pmpng Starbucks Logo Starbucks The logo of Starbucks famous coffee and stuff. It attacks by throwing hot coffee and ice-cold water at you. It's Final Smash is Frappuchino Shower.
Gru DM Gru Despicable Me Gru went from evil villain to amazing father, but he still keeps his weapons. He attacks with a Freeze Ray and a Minion Projectile. His Final Smash is Rocket To The Moon.
Basic Mii LOLZ Mii (Tomodachi Life) Mii Logo A random and generic Mii from Tomodachi Life. The Mii uses many random foods and "treasures" to attack. It's Final Smash is Leisure Island.
428Lopunny Lopunny Arend's Island The almighty Goddess of Pokemon herself. Lopunny can use Charm and Klutz to defend herself, as she can't attack that good. Her Final Smash is (non-canon) Mega Lopunny.
701Hawlucha Hawlucha Arend's Island Here comes the Wrestling Pokemon, Hawlucha! It attacks with Sky Drop and Karate Chop! It's Final Smash is Flying Press.
RubyRose Ruby Rose RWBY icon Ruby is the leader of a special group called Team RWBY. She uses her speed and her amazing scythe to attack. Her Final Smash is Scythe Gun.
Mii Fighters SSB4 Mii Fighters SSB Find Mii Series Much like the Pikmin captains, these guys fight seperatly. They can use their bare fists, a sword, an arm cannon, and more. Their Final Smash is Dark Lord Summon.
Splatoon Ika Ika SSB Splatoon Series The paint-shooting squid human appears! Ika uses her squid form and ink paint to transport herself through as the squid! Her Final Smash is Good Guy Army.
Sonic SB Sonic Boom Sonic Sonic Boom This is also known as Scarfsportsbandage Sonic. He just uses Sonic moves, except a bit faster but weaker. His Final Smash is Sonic Boom Knuckles.
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve Minecraft symbol The pixelated avatar of Minecraft! Steve can use various weapons and mining tools to get a warning to his enemies! His Final Smash is Ender Dragon.
FinnRidingJake Finn and Jake AdventureTimeLogo Mathematical! It's Finn the Human and Jake the Dog! They attack as a duo, with Finn's sword and Jake's morphing powers! Their Final Smash is Jake Body Armor.
Mordecai Lapis 5 Mordecai RegularShowIcon Mordecai is Rigby's buddy and a walking and talking blue jay. He uses Death Kwon Do and an electric guitar to attack. His Final Smash is Golf Cart.
Rigby Lapis 5 Rigby RegularShowIcon Rigby is Mordecai's buddy, and he's pretty fast! He uses Death Kwon Do and his claws as some of his attacks! His Final Smash is Magic Keyboard.
Dexterrender Dexter Dexterlogo Dexter is a young boy AND an inventing genius. He uses some of his inventions to fight, such as a robot arm. His Final Smash is Robo Dexo 3000.

Unlockable Characters


Image Name Series Description
Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Luigi SSBMarioEmblem Mario's younger brother, and one of the most common Umbrella unlockables. He attacks with the Poltergust 5000 and Flutter Jumps. His Final Smash is Brobot L-Type.
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach SSBMarioEmblem The princess of the SSB Mario Series, and one of the most important Mario characters. She attacks with her emotions and frying pans, so watch out. Her Final Smash is Anger Emotion.

Johnny Test is the second worst character in the game. He doesn't even attack, as he is too much of a wuss to do so. His Final Smash is Yell at People.

Flamegirl Flamegirl TOME One of the 5 main members of the TOME group, and a spellcaster. She can cast fire-themed spells and Flame Bullet, among others. Her Final Smash is Sun Bomb.
369px-Tome doubling by kirbopher15-d4gach7 Doubling TOME Rockoon's "buddy" and another hacker. He attacks by morphing into other forms and hacking. His Final Smash is Buff Form.
Itchy and Scratchy Itchy and Stratchy SSB Simpsons A cat and a mouse. They aren't trying to be partners, but oh well. They attack with bombs and chainsaws and axes, so watch out! Their Final Smash is Cloud Of Dust.
ThCAS8W88Y Fake Mickey Mouse DisneyIcon Ew. Is this that Mickey Mouse that owns that baby-ish clubhouse? He attacks with weak attacks, like Mouseketools. His Final Smash is Up Slide.
1302753131308 Female Link SSBLegendofZeldaEmblem For the first time in Umbrella game history, we have a female Link! She uses most of Link's attacks, but uses a Hookshot and Bombchu now. Her Final Smash is The 3 Gods.
LinkHyruleWarriorsRender Hyrule Warriors Link SSBLegendofZeldaEmblem While this is an incarnation of Link, this Link is from the Hyrule Warriors timeline. He uses most of Link's attacks, but he is more agile. His Final Smash is Dodongo Summon.
Steampunk-Link-the-legend-of-zelda-32056992-353-500 Steampunk Link SSBLegendofZeldaEmblem Ok, on a more original note, here comes Steampunk Link! He has some of Link's attacks, but he also has rocket boots and a new shielf. His Final Smash is Gear Triforce.
395Empoleon Empoleon SSB Pokémon Classic The Emporer Pokemon, Empoleon, enters the brawl! He uses Water-based attacks, like Hydro Pump. It's Final Smash is Waterfall.
649Genesect Genesect SSB Pokémon Classic Ladies and gentlemen, it's Genesect, the Paleozoic Pokemon! It attacks with Steel-based moves, like Metal Claw. It's Final Smash is Techno Blast.
Blackstarru Black Star SEicon This guy is THE GREATEST ASSASIN OF ALL TIME, BLACK STAR!!! He attacks using his katana and smoke bombs to his advantage. His Final Smash is Soul Resonance.
Drincel Drincel SSB Fantendoverse Silver Sky GAMES inc.'s all mighty 2009 mascot! He uses his never-ending stretchy arms and mohawk to attack people. His Final Smash is Painting The Sky Silver.
Orangeyoda Orange Yoda SSB Fantendoverse Orange and all powerful, he is! Orange Yoda is an awesome character who wields and orange lightsaber sand Idej skills. His Final Smash is The Ecrof.
Chuck norris Chuck Norris Real Life Chuck Norris brought back the dinosaurs, just so he could kill them all again. He uses his strong fists and muscles to kill the compitetion. His Final Smash is Mega Punch In The Face.
WanderOY Wander Wanderoverwondericon He's the friendliest face in outer space! Wander can use various items from his hat and his tight-gripping hugs to keep the opponents down! His Final Smash is Orble Juice.
CaptainToadMinecart Captain Toad SSBMarioEmblem Captain Toad is the SSB Mario Series's BETTER treasure hunter. He uses his pickaxe and diamond projectiles to fight. His Final Smash is Minecart Mishap.
Barack-Obama-12782369-2-402 Barack Obama Real Life has too many reps. The newest president of the United States, and an actually pretty skilled fighter. He uses documents and goverment soldiers to attack. His Final Smash is Goverment Plane.
TOSRalph Wreck It Ralph Wreckitralphcherry Wreck It Ralph may be a bad guy, but he's not a bad guy! He uses his giant fists and wrecking skills to attack! His Final Smash is Wreck It Mento's.
220px-MegaManSSB4 Mega Man SSBMegaManEmblem He's a SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT, MEGA MAN!!! Among his attacks, he uses his Mega Buster and many his dog, Rush, to attack. His Final Smash is Mega X Battle Starforce Legends.
DipperAndMabel Dipper And Mabel Gravity Falls Icon The Pines twin, Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines! Mabel can use her grappling hook and Dipper can use weak melee attacks. Their Final Smash is Lawn Gnome Monster.
WarioCoin Wario SSB Wario Series He's-a-Wario! The greedy yellow Mario is in the house! He uses his motorcycle and giant sacks of coins to attack! His Final Smash is Random Minigame!
AshleyRedGameWario Ashley and Red SSB Wario Series You better know her name cause' it's ASHLEY!!! Along with her buddy Red, Ashley can use spells and magic clouds to attack! Her Final Smash is Ashley's Trap.
KTDKirby Kirby SSBKirbyEmblem It's the pink puffball Star-Warrior, Kirby! He can suck up his enemies, much like in the Super Smash Bros. games. His Final Smash is Hypernova Kirby.
1608 render metaknightrender Meta Knight SSBKirbyEmblem The greatest warrior in Pop Star. And better than Galacta Knight. He uses his trusty sword and sweet as heck agility to fight. His Final Smash in Main Cannon V2.
Spyro ROCU Skylanders Spyro Skylanders Ok, THIS is worst character in the game. Activision's answer to cash cows is here! He does attacks, sure, but those inflict more damage on himself than the opponents! His Final Smash is Depressed.
Mecha Mario RKG Mecha Mario Super Mario Bros. Z The non-canon robotic clone of Mario. Like Ghost Mario, he has an original moveset consisting of rocket feet and powerful punches. His Final Smash is Mega Burst.
Rainbow dash s hot minute by mrlolcats17-d5lo21h Rainbow Dash My Little Pony The fast, blue, and slightly bratty pony enters the fray! She can go as fast as Sonic, and uses her speed to her advantage. Her Final Smash is Sonic Rainboom.
Spongebob SquarePants Old Spongebob SpongebobFranchise The older, funnier version of everyone's favorite sponge! He uses his boating "skills" and aborbensy to attack. His Final Smash is Pineapple Smash.
20130120145730!SpongeBob SquarePants New Spongebob SpongebobFranchise This shows that Nick went WAY WRONG. This guy attacks with un-funny jokes and scary faces. His Final Smash is Fart Humor.
Wyldstyle-1 Wyldstyle SSB Lego Lucy, aka Darkstorm, aka Snazzypants, aka Wyldstyle. She, like Emmet, can use Master Building as well as agility. Her Final Smash is Bricksbrug Motorcycle.
Pepsiman1 Pepsiman Pepsi When thrist is needed to quenched, here comes Pepsiman! He uses his sponsored soda, Pepsi, and other Pepsi based attacks to fight. His Final Smash is Pepsi Wave.
Bubsythebobcat Bubsy Accolade What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this loser? He can glide and run as fast as fuck, and that's pretty much it. His Final Smash is The Bubsy Cartoon Show.
Everybody do the flop-33499 Dougal Flopguy ASDFMovie Dougal Flopguy liked to dance all the time, but he couldn't do it right, so he fought people! He attacks with Flop-related moves. Duh. His Final Smash is 7 Billion Flop Wave.
Banjo & Kazooie Banjo and Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie The famous bear and bird duo appear! Banjo attacks with strong melee attacks, while Kazooie does more defense than attacks. Their Final Smash is Jingo Summon.
Bigthecat Big The Cat SSBSonicEmblem While he may seem like a joke character, Big is actually pretty usefull here! He uses his massive girth and fishing to attack. His Final Smash is "FROGGY?!"
Broquemonsieur Broque Monisuer SSBMarioEmblem Ah, zis is Broque Monisuer! While it seems he can't fight, he DOES have weak melee attacks, but uses his dog, Broggy, as well. His Final Smash is Block Rain.
Animat Animat Social-youtube-logo-grey Like Nostalgia Critic, Animat is an internet movie reviewer who uses review-based attacks to fight. His Final Smash is "What THE FRIDGE Did I Jusy Watch?!"
JonTronTrans Jontron Social-youtube-logo-grey Jontron is a slightly chubby yet amazing videogame reviewer. Jon uses his pet bird, Jacque, to attack and his fists of fury! His Final Smash is California Games Death!
Nostalgia Critic PNG The Nostalgia Critic NostalgiaCriticLogo "Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic! I remember it so you don't have to! So I basically use attacks based on my many reviews. Oh, and my gun, too. My Final Smash is Food-Fight Freak Out!"

Default Assist Trophies


Image Name Series What They Do
DimentioSuperPaperMario Dimentio SSBMarioEmblem Dimentio uses magic to duplicate himself, and if one of them shoots an energy beam, they're the real one!
AmySonicmon Amy Rose SSBSonicEmblem If Sonic isn't on stage, she asks people where he is, with no replies. If he IS on stage, she grabs her Piko Piko hammer and goes after you or your enemies.
Groose Groose SSBLegendofZeldaEmblem Brags that he can attack better than Link, then just babbles on and on about random stuff, covering half of the screen with his text bubbles.
150px-Wankershim Wankershim Bravest Warriors Throws a butter lettuce party, making human-like horses throw butter lettuce at your opponents.
Enderman Enderman Minecraft symbol He can be behind you. Or in front of you. NO ONE KNOOOOOOOOOOWZ. The Enderman can grab a part of the stage, turn it into a block, and throw it at your enemies.
SwaySwayBuhdeuceArtwork SwaySway and Budheuce The Breadwinners Ducks. Who sell bread. And make butt jokes. WOOOOO. All they do is throw bread at you, which kind of replenishes your health.
129Magikarp Dream Magikarp SSB Pokémon Series Splashes around, and can slap into opponents, causing minor damage.
150px-24923910 png TNG SSB Fantendo Mary Sues Series

Creates 35 clones of himself, which run around the stage attacking. Rarely, Lumoshi will bring a fly swatter and kill TNG...for now.

Optional attack: he screams petty insults and has to be banhammered. If banhammered, he'll say "I'm going to UMG's side, weenies!"

Nylocke Nylocke TOME Screams "NYLOCKE, MASTER OF APPEARING IN UMBRELLAS!!" and then attacks with his sword.
Megashovelman Shovel Knight Shovel Knight

Attacks you with his shovel.


BloodyVillagerFOL5 Villager(?) SSB Animal Crossing Series At first appears as a normal Villager, then his eyes turn hyper-realistic, and he runs at people with his axe. He can also trap you in his net.
Spike oh hey te sonic-d4owxpd Spike My Little Pony Shoots out green flames at enemies. Flames get stronger if Rainbow Dash summoned him.
Untennew Unten SSB Fantendoverse Grabs a pencil from his scarf, and makes a doodle of either Purple Koopa, Spaghetti, or Tabooki to attack people.
Unikitty Uni-Kitty SSB Lego First appears, and goes into Angry Kitty mode and tries to eat the others.
Spookyskin Ghost Randamu Kakuto Geemu Yells "2 spoopy 4 me" and disappears, killing everyone but you.

Unlockable Assist Trophies


Image Name Series What They Do
Nabbit eeria's Partner Nabbit SSBMarioEmblem Stuffs you inside his sack and runs off with you inside.
M&S2016,Metalsonic Metal Sonic SSBSonicEmblem Flies around the stage, electrocuting everyone but you. Can also transform into Neo Metal Sonic.
ToonLinkSSB4 Toon Link SSBLegendofZeldaEmblem Uses the Wind Waker to send a powerful gust of wind at your enemies, sending them backwards.

Default Stages


Image Name Series Description
ThCAK1XUZI Earth Real Life The planet most people live on! However, instead of fighting on the ground, you fight in space for a short while, and eventually fall to a desert below.
PeachCastle Peach's Castle Racetrack SSBMarioEmblem The main location of the SSB Mario Series, except turned into a racetrack! Watch out for Shy Guys driving through! Those can hit you!
Mechcity Mech City TOME One of the three main hubs in TOME! It's pretty much a place for talking and hanging out, but once in awhile, two random users will fight eachother and try to crash into you!
Miiversessbi Warawara Plaza Wii U The main hub when you log on your Wii U. You can use the pictures of games as platforms, and they in useful when the Mii stampede starts up in the plaza!
Bingo Disney Bingo DisneyIcon A giant Disney Bingo board. The background takes place in a living room. You can jump on the Mickey Markers that hover over the stage as hazards!
411132-bugle1 The Daily Bugle SpidermanLogo The most popular newspaper company in New York. You fight on top of the building, and even the sign! Every once in awhile, you dodge a newspaper being thrown at you!
Human brain computer artwork the front of the f0013207 Human Brain Real Life The human thought processor! It's in all of us! Watch out for random thoughts every now and then! Random thought coming in mind...(ahem) OVALTINE, OVALTINE!!!
Megaman25 Robot Master Selection Screen SSBMegaManEmblem The selection screen for bosses in Mega Man games! You can use the boxes as platforms, but every once in awhile, a random Robot Master will appear as a stage hazard!
Ufsugarrush Sugar Rush Wreckitralphcherry The candy coated race-track in Litwak's Arcade! While fighting on a moving platform, you'll need to watch out for Sweet Seekers, Cherry Bombs, and Taffyta driving by.
MysteryShack MAINREF Mystery Shack Gravity Falls Icon The "mysterious" shack full of (fake) mysterious stuff! While they aren't any platforms other than the roof, falling lawn gnomes are the only hazards!
Chathacksofdoom Chatroom SSB Fantendoverse Where most the Fantendo drama happens. You can use the chatter's avatars as platforms, along with the sentences. Watch out for the ban hammer!
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Picture Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DisneyIcon Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. The Clubhouse doesn't offer alot other than the Clubhouse itself. The only hazard is...everything. It's poisonous.
TreeHouseINT Treehouse AdventureTimeLogo Finn and Jake's special treehouse located in Ooo. You can fight outside, but after awhile, you go to fight inside. BMO isn't a hazard, just a background detail.
CandyKingdom Candy Kingdom AdventureTimeLogo The Land Of Ooo's main hub. While you fight normally on the ground, every once in awhile many candy citizens run at you.
Minecraft Castle Overworld Minecraft symbol The Minecraft overworld, at it's blockiest! Trees will sometimes topple over, thanks to Creeper explosions.
330px-StarkTowerAvengers Stark Tower IronManLogo Tony Stark's tower. There's nothing that's hazardous here, unless falling off of it counts.
Green Lego Baseplate LEGO Baseplate SSB Lego What appears to be a blank and genernic LEGO baseplate can turn into an amazing display of LEGO bricks.



Image Name Series Description
Kartmushroom Mushroom SSBMarioEmblem Mario's main source of health, and an obvious item for the game! Once touched, you become a bit taller until you're hit 3 times.
Pringles Man Pringle Man Pringles Once touched, the Pringle Man releases a swarm of Pringles, ending the fight with a GIANT 1 HIT KO PRINGLE.
Deku baba Deku Baba SSBLegendofZeldaEmblem One of the many enemies in the kingdom of Hyrule. It will bite your opponents, and sometimes even spit out Deku Sticks.
BombchuDS Bombchu SSBLegendofZeldaEmblem Once grabbed, it will go over to another character and explode in their faces!
Barrelsuit DK Barrel SSBDKEmblem Grab, then throw at opponents. Only one throw per DK Barrel grabbed.
Criminologygunglock Gun Real Life Press A once grabbed, and then watch lead fly, kids! KILLKILLKILL!!!!
Bazooka Bazooka Real Life A better form of the gun. Grab, press A, and watch that beautiful missile fly at your enemies.
LEGOFruity LEGO Bird SSB Lego Flies around the stage with YOU in it's talons, helping you make aerial attacks from above!


Image Name Series Description
BenkingsleyMandarin The Mandarin IronManLogo One of Iron Man's greatest enemies. The Mandarin uses Chinese Martial arts and his ten magical rings on his fingers to attack you. He is slightly harder than most bosses.
370px-BehemothModel-MarioSportsMix Behemoth Final Fantasy A boss from Final Fantasy. He uses fireballs and lightning. He can also ram into you with his horns, which takes out MASS ammounts of HP.
Venom1 Venom SpidermanLogo Eddie Brock was a rival to Peter Parker AND Spider Man, so when the Venom Symboite got to him, he vowed revenge on Peter. He uses his super-human strengh and bite you with his poisonous fangs.
Mega Charizard Z Mega Charizard Z SSB Pokémon Classic A regular Charizard, corrupted by a potion made by The Kingpin. It attacks like the playable Charizard, except with no Final Smash and stronger attacks, plus the power to clutch you with his wings.
Pgman Polygon Man Playstation An evil entity that is made of ugly, stupid polygons. He wants to take over the world with the new villain! He can smash you with his head or attack you with Polygon Clones of the fighters!
Super evil barney 5 Barneyzilla ??? After being beaten in OTHER umbrellas, Barney took ALOT of steroids. Now, he's Barneyzilla! He can send a shockwave roar at you or try to impale you with his newfound sharp teeth.
Ash for FripIris for Frip Venom Symbiote Clones Randamu Kakuto Geemu Aliens created by Venom, they can morph onto any shape or figure. These bosses settled with Ash and Iris. They attacking with surprisingly powerful punches and kicks.
KingDedede King Dedede SSBKirbyEmblem

The King of Dreamland isn't even on the villain's side! He's just greedy! King Dedede uses his giant mallet to attack! But will he return?...

Of course.

MaskedDedede Masked Dedede SSBKirbyEmblem

NOW King Dedede is on the villain's side! The Masked Dedede has a mask (duh) that protects him from face-hits, along with a new, more-powerful mallet! Watch out!

Iris for Frip Venom Symbiote Iris Randamu Kakuto Geemu While Ash has finally been screwed over, Iris returns! Iris isn't afraid to go solo, and uses more powerful melee attacks. Her hair can also turn into long, black tentacles.
Snapshot for Frip Venom Symbiote Snapshot Randamu Kakuto Geemu The Venom Symbiote got to Snapshot, Skylander Spyro's buddy! Snapshot can use long black tentacles and a bow and (large and sharp)arrows to fight!
300px-Queen chrysalis by bluepedro-d4ztwaz Queen Chrysalis My Little Pony The queen of the evil Changelings! Queen Chrysalis is harder than the Symbiotes, using a Changeling Army and can use evil green flames to attack AND defend.

Alternate Costumes (Default And Unlockable)

Picture Name Costumes
386px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Mario M.Mario lolMario Sprite 1Mario Presenting Artwork - Super Mario 64TanookiMario3D
250px-Bowser SSB4 Bowser DRYBONESBOWSERNES Bowser 5DarkBowserSMW3DBowserPMSS
SonicSonicmon Sonic Sonic Rivals-PSPArtwork1516Sonic Tux--article imageMecha SonicSilver2242px-CG Shadow 11
Untitleeggman Dr. Eggman EggmanS3Eggman Nega 3D


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