RandOM is a webcomic that was created by FOF, Inc. It stars parodies of video game heroes living together and adjusting to everyday life.

Main Characters

There are many characters who appear in the series, these are just the main characters living at the house.

  • Atomman - A parody of Megaman. He comes from the ultra-hard NES game Atomman II. He doesn't take crap from anyone and has some anger problems. Has a rivalry with Mee.
  • Sid - A parody of FF games and their heroes, he comes from the PS1 game known as First Fantasy 14. He acts like a stereotypical emo and dresses in strange clothing (often leading to him being called "gay".)
  • Tubular Tiger - Known as TT for short, he comes from the Genesis game Tubular Tiger 3, and his series has been going in a downward spiral in the recent years (Tubular Tiger and the Impossible Mission, in which he carried around guns, supposedly ruined it for some.) He's a cocky, annoying, character with lots of 'tude.
  • Thundromouse - An electric mouse monster from the super-popular kid's series, Super Monsterpocketmasterblade-ohgan. He comes from Super Monsterpocketmasterblade-ohgan: Zinc Version (The games are always released in quadruples with a fifth later.) He mostly acts like a pet, but has been known to release violent electric explosions when annoyed. Other things the series has produced: TV show, slippers, towels, toys, clothes, candy, buckets, religions.
  • Ryuji - Coming from the same game as Thundromouse, Ryuji is Thundromouse's owner. He has a cocky, annoying, determined attitude, to the dismay of the others. He also wears goggles, because every cool kid wore goggles.
  • Princess Pear - Princess Pear comes from the Super Brother Friend Men 2, she parodies generic Nintendo princesses. She's incredibly materialistic and sick and tired of being kidnapped and being potrayed as helpless, making her into a sassy, annoying, somewhat byotchy woman.
  • Chico Malo - An arabian time travelling wizard and the main antagonist of the Super Brother Friend Men series, constantly kidnapping Princess Pear. He's the generic foreigner, not having any technology like today back in his time. He's curious but also evil and times. He ends up more timid and trying to be scary and evil than actually being scary and evil. Fun fact: Chico Malo is Spanish for Bad Guy.
  • Mee - A strange humanoid figure that looks like it came out of some weird cartoon, Mees are avatars you can create to play certain video games with. Hated by hardcore gamers for representing the epitome of sissy wimpy new games (heck, the game he comes from is called I Can Play: Video Games.) He's easygoing and laid back, almost like a hippy. Suspected of drug possesion.
  • Dylan - A 12 year old kid from the made-up country of Evenland (in the game PLaYER 2), he is accustomed to all this suburban life, because his game was based in the 1990s, so he already knows what there is to know. Unfortunately, he can't talk, except for the occasional sigh. Despite this he is easygoing and likeable. He is also the most popular kid in school, but he doesn't really know how.
  • Derby - A blue sphere with a fin on top of his head and weird-looking eyes, Derby is strange because...he loves to eat and has seemingly no sense of intellect. He's weird and dumb and makes weird noises and speaks gibberish and sometimes it's a wonder that he knows how to breathe. Comes from Derby's Superstarland Advance.
  • Friend Box - Is this even a character? It's a box with a smiley face on it and not much more. Amounting to meme status after the hit game W0RLD, where you used it to solve puzzles. Despite being inanimate, it seems to posses some level of sentinecy, somehow.

THere are also several more characters that may or may not be added.


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