The Young Prince of Ruins
Full Name Ramseskhamun Neb-jeperu-Ra The IV
Current Age 10,988
Date of Birth 1300 b.C.
Gender Male
Species Mummy
Location Transylvania
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Summoner of the Ancient Gods
Family and Relations
Kind Tut (Father), Kid Dracula (Best Friend), Molly (Friend), Danny (Friend), Frankie (Friend), Lucy Loud (Future Wife), Lucifer A. Neb-jeperu-Ra The V (Future Son)
Being Bullied
Main Weapon(s) Hook Cane
Ability/ies Statue Transformation, Crawl Through Smaller Places
Vulnerable To Cold Temperatures
Ra, Wrappings, Kid Mummy
First Appearance Kid Dracula: Castle-Mania of Monsters
Latest Appearance Kid Dracula: Castle-Mania of Monsters
Series Kid Dracula


Ramses, sometimes known as Kid Mummy is the 10,988-year-old friend of Kid Dracula and son of King Tut, Ramses ruled the lands of Egypt in a younger age. He is part of the Monster Squad, along with Kid Dracula, Molly, Danny and Frankie. He is very shy, hates being alone and perfers to be with his friends because of the trauma he got.


He was the ancient prince very younger who fell in love with an egyptian girl from his time, however, one disease invaded his kingdom and when he headed to confess his love towards her, she already had fallen dead upon the plague, causing a trauma on him. Later Ramses passed away from the sickness in his human 8 years, his will to live was so strong that he resurrected as a mummy very soon after he died, but had to sleep for many years until he on his coffin was brought into Transylvania where Count Dracula wakes him, since then meeting his son and becoming best friends.