Full Name Ramsay McAlister
Current Age 22
Date of Birth July 04, 1994
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Species New Human
Location Faele, Ziama Prime
Align Chaotic Good
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Liana (Friends)
Main Weapon(s) None
Height 5'7"
First Appearance Hymns of Helios
Latest Appearance Dimensional Destruction
Ramsay is a character who makes his début in Hymns of Helios. He is a quirky butcher by day, assassin by night. He is known for being notorious for the way he handles situations in the most odd fashion, however, they almost always work out for him in the end. He is seen as one of the most dangerous warriors in the kingdom of Ecrylic, as a target of his has never lived to see the following day. He is a very practical man and he ensures he gets the job done, correctly.

However, since the events of Hymns of Helios, he has completely stopped killing anybody, and has returned to running the family butcher business with pride. He is glad to have left the killing past behind him, and is looking forward to more of what life has to offer him.


Whilst growing up, Ramsay always aspired to be as smart as he possibly could be. However, his father died at a rather young age, while Ramsay was still in school, and he was forced to take over the family butcher business, which made him more sad than his father's death. He spent most of his life in the butcher business unwillingly, and eventually grew tired of it, and took revenge on his mother, who forced him to live that life. 


Ramsay doesn't have the most overly dramatic personality. He is usually calm and collected, and likes to contribute to group work when he can. He doesn't like to lead things, as he often thinks of himself as a participator and not a leader, and it can make him stressed if forced into those situations. 


Ramsay has a lot of experience when it comes to cooking, and can cook amazingly delicious meals especially if they involve a meat product. He is able to use a cleaver as his main weapon in video games, but he's also very skilled with other knives and utensils.


Hymns of Helios

Ramsay débuts in the video game Hymns of Helios. He is represented as one of the psychopaths on the island, making her appear to Liana as a threat.

Dimensional Destruction




Ramsay and Liana have a decent friendship. They talk about cooking and bond over it, which eventually leads Ramsay to explain about his longing to become smart, which helps them to connect even further.