This page contains content from an R-Rated Game. Please do not read it if you are squeamish.

The Rampant Bulblax is a boss in Pikmin- The Battle for Piktopia, fought in the Icebane Battlefield. It was originally a weapons test for Piktopia Central Command, but after the Mindcap Helmet failed to control it it started rampaging through the Red camp. It is up to Kalash to kill it before the Red Army becomes too damaged to continue the campaign.


The Rampant Bulblax is too dangerous for Kalash to approach directly- its hide is much too tough for him to damage and the Bulblax can kill him in one hit, regardless of what he has equipped. In order to damage the Bulblax, Kalash must get onto its head and slash off its eyes, rendering it blind. By attacking its lolling tongue, Kalash can enrage the beast which will charge forward for a few meters, regardless of any obstacles in its path.

Phase One

The beast first appears by tearing apart General Vladys' tent and slaying several lieutenants with its tongue and eating them. The Bulblax attempts to eat Kalash, but he uses his weapon to aggravate its tongue and make it fling him up onto the camp wall. From there, Kalash can see the battle between the Reds and Bulblax raging below.

The only real threats in this phase of the battle are misfired arrows and spears from the camp below, and, on occasion, the Bulblax itself will attack the wall. When this happens, Kalash must avoid its tongue or suffer instant death as he is devoured by the creature. The player's objective here is to survive to the totem pole at the back of the camp and attack its supports until it falls. The spiked pole collapses and embeds itself in the Bulblax's back, forming a bridge to its head. This triggers a quick-time event where Kalash runs across the pole while balancing himself as it rocks back and forth, before reaching his destination on the top of its head. Depending on the weapon equipped, the way in which its eyes are removed differs- if Kalash is using a slashing weapon he merely slices the eyestalks off of the beast, but if he is armed with a spear then he will thrust it through one of its eyes, tear it off and spin around to hack the other in half. Either way, the now-bleeding creature is rendered blind, opening up the next phase of the battle.

Phase 2

In this phase, the Bulblax is blind, but still dangerous. However, its raging has knocked down several walls which lead to the outside of the camp, where a dangerously sharp barricade has been erected to keep out foes. By attacking the beast's tongue, which is now lolling out of its mouth, it will become enraged, and charge forward a few meters before stopping. This is dangerous, however, as it is still trying to eat you with tongue lashes and by trampling over you. By doing this, Kalash can lure the Bulblax outside the camp and in front of the barricade, and then force the creature to charge towards it. This triggers another quick-time event where Kalash trips up the Bulblax and gets out of the way before the monster itself charges at the barricade, impaling it and killing it messily. On death the Bulblax grants 140 EXP.

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