The HUD of the game


Rampage 2 was a game created by Religious Games Ltd. It was realesed everywhere on the same month but different dates. It was realeshed in Japan a year earlier.

Bonus Paragraph

Japan will celebrate the game's first anniversary soon!!! :D


Details of game
Japan 21/12/12 PC/Playstation 3/Xbox 360//WiiU
U.S.A 21/01/13 Playstation 3/Xbox 360//WiiU
Britian 11/01/13 PC/Xbox 360/WiiU
Australia 01/01/13

WiiU/Playstation 3/PC

As you can see, certain consoles were not realeshed in certain countries. This was because at the time Religious Games was going bankrupt, however Rampage 2 saved the company.


Gameplay is like GTA Chinatown Wars, with some tweaks like you can go underwater, and change view of the vehicle you are in. The graphics range from 480p-1080pHD.

  • A promo card, featuring a fake character.
  • A screenshot of the game at night.
  • Another screenshot underwater.
  • The most powerful weapons in the game!
  • Starter vehicles, excluding the drone airplane
These are screeshots:


The Crook, the main protagonist (as he is named), goes to the fictional city of Capalist City. He travels across the city, but he gets tired of it, but his suitcase is stolen and he is dumped in a dustbin, with only $350 left. HeHe then goes on a cycle to his mates for help.... 

Downloadable Content

These can be downloaded from internet:

  • Texture pack: Improves textures.
  • Underwater pack: Adds more underwater features, vehicles and locations and missions.
  • On land pack: Adds more land features, vehicles and locations and missions.
  • Air Pack: Adds more air features, vehicles and locations and missions

On The Religous VR

It will be realeshed on the Religious VR which will be realeshed Q4 2014 with new features and will have a sequel, Rampage 2 Stories.


  • Although called Rampage 2, it is not a sequel to Rampage nor Retro City Rampage, which it is based on.
  • It has some features of GTA 5, like underwater exploration.
  • The city is a mix of Brisbane and New York.

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