Rampage (2013 game)
Rampage cover
Cover Art.
Developer(s) Clover Entertainment
Publisher(s) Midway
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PC
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA January 4th, 2013

25px-Flag of Japan-1- February 23rd, 2013

25px-Flag of UK-1- April 19th, 2013

Free Roam, Campaign, Challenge Mode,
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Sandbox Destruction
Media Included Disk
Rampage is an upcoming 2013 action-sandbox destruction game by Clover Entertainment. It is a reboot to the video game franchise of the same name by Midway . It is to be released for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC. It is planned to be released on January 4, 2013 in the United States, Februrary 23rd in Japan and April 19 in the United Kingdom. There is an enromous variety of differences from the arcade game. It's more realistic, has less comedy, and is more serious than the previous installments, but the premise mostly remains the same.


The game maintains the plot of the classic Rampage games. It's about 3 people, George, a middle-aged man, Lizzie, a young woman, and Ralph, an elderly man, who all work for ScumLabs, a company that specializes in the effects of radiation. However, when the radiation plant malfunctions, George, Lizzie, and Ralph are all exposed to radiation, turning them into monsters (George is now a King-Kong-like Gorilla, Lizzie is a Godzilla-like dinosaur, and Ralph is now a giant Wolfman). While there minds have been reduced to savage beasts, they do maintain some memories of their human form. The monsters then go on a rampage of destruction to shut down Scumlabs once and for all.


The game is the first 3-D open-world Rampage game, unlike the previous games which were side-scrolling destruction games. You can choose up to 3 monsters to play as: George, Lizzie, or Ralph. There are 27 missions in total in the story mode. One of them has you trying to tear down structures that are owned by Scumlabs, and another has you having to fight a giant robot trying to stop you. That is a boss battle. There are 4 open-world cities in total: New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Being a monster, you can destroy absolutely EVERYTHING in the city. You can tear down buildings, destroy cars, and generally cause mass carnage.
Rampage Gameplay

George tearing his way through New York City. This gameplay photo shows how hard Clover Entertainment has tried to create the ultimate Rampage game.

Like the original game, you can eat fleeing people to restore your health if you're damaged or dying. There is also a variety of objects you can collect ScumLabs canisters to unlock bonus content, such as the original Rampage game and Rampage: World Tour. You can also unlock concept art, trailers, and behind the scenes featurettes on how the game was made. The destruction effects from buildings and cars were done using the Clover Engine 3.0, the most realistic destruction engine to date. Be warned, the military will come after you in most missions. And in free roam, smash lots of stuff and the Military Response Team will come after you. Fight them off, and then continue your path of destruction.

Each monster has its own special attack. George can unleash a sonic roar that will destroy everything in front of him, Lizzie can breathe fire and burn down buildings and vehicles, and Ralph can regenerate health faster than the other 2 monsters. Plus, there is also a variety of Challenge missions, with which if you get a medal on any of them, you can unlock extra points to upgrade George, Lizzie, or Ralph. You can unlock Radiation Points from destroying things and completing challenge missions to upgrade your monster's health, speed, strength, special attack power, and you can use them to unlock more powerful attacks.


Name Image Description
George George 3

George was once a middle-aged man, until that fateful day at Scumlabs where he was exposed to radiation. He then turned into a King Kong-like giant gorilla.

Special Attack: Sonic Roar

Can unleash a roar powerful enough to destroy everything caught in front of the blast.

Lizzie Godzilla 1998 2

Lizzie was once a beautiful young woman, until she was exposed to radiation in the company known as Scum-Labs. She then turned into a gigantic fire-breathing dinosaur with a remarkable resemblance to the American Godzilla.

Special Attack: Fire Breath

Can unleash a huge ball of flame from her mouth and can burn down buildings and destroy vehicles.

Ralph Ralph

Ralph was an elderly man, but one day, he was exposed to radiation at Scumlabs and turned into a giant wolfman.

Special Attack: Regeneration

Can Regenerate Health faster than the other monsters


Single Player Campaign
Rampage Lizzie gamepla

Lizzie rampaging through Shanghai.

1-Player Only. Embark on a rampage of destruction as one of three monsters: George, Lizzie, or Ralph, and take down the evil Scumlabs Corporation and leave a trail of destruction along the way.

Free Roam

Roam freely through 4 fully-destructible open-world environments. You can rampage through the city, explore the massive environments and collect Scum Canisters to unlock bonus content.

Co-Op Campaign

In this mode, you can rampage through cities with up to 2 friends, and you can team up to cause double the destruction, or fight the other monsters for control of the city. They say team work is an important tool, and it is also true with gigantic rampaging monsters.


You can compete with friends around the world with 3 extra monsters and compete in several challenges against each other, including:

Demoltion Match: Cause more damage than the other players to win.

Deathmatch: Fight other monsters and gain more kills than the other monsters to win.

Team Deathmatch: Team up with another monster to kill other monsters. The team with the most kills wins.

Team Demoltion: Team up with another monster and cause more damage than the other team. Whichever team causes the most damage wins.

Upgrade Shack

This is where you go to upgrade George, Lizzie and Ralph and increase their speed, strength, health, and special attack power.

Rampage and Rampage: World Tour

You can unlock the original Rampage game AND Rampage: World Tour to play and relive nostalgic memories, complte with original graphics and everything.

Promotional Posters

These are posters used to promote the game.

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