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Rampage: Dimensions is a call back to the Rampage Series for Legendary Pop-Fizz 42, PS3, ROC, and 3DS.


George from Rampage




The Monsters are Back! They have brought some new monster, but the milatary got an upgrade. They traced each monster down, and sent each one to a different dimension. Now each monster will have to wreck their way out of the seemingly endless path of dimensions to get to each other.

Returning Monsters

  • George the Ape
  • Ralph the Werewolf
  • Lizzie the Dinosaur
  • Gilman the Blowfish
  • Marco the Shark
  • Boris the Rhino
  • Ramsey the Ram
  • Rhett the Rat
  • Cal the Squid
  • Leon the Lion
  • Crock the Crocodile
  • Kyle the Cyclops
  • Rojo the Bull
  • Icky the Echidna
  • Venus the Plant
  • Wally the Warthog
  • Harry the Yeti
  • Shelby the Tortoise
  • Amanda the Armadillo
  • Natalie the Nautilous
  • Kingston the Cobra
  • Rocky the Granite
  • Edwin the Invader
  • Joe the Wildman
  • Bart the Bat
  • Jack the Jackolope
  • Jill the Jellyfish
  • Nick the Demon
  • Eyegore the Alien
  • Bubba the Blob
  • Philburt the Ungulate
  • Plucky the Chicken
  • Fifi the Poodle
  • Sarah the Spider
  • Curtis the Mouse
  • Ruby the Lobster
  • Brian the Brain
  • Cyril the Squirrel
  • Fabio the Flea
  • George the Gorrila
  • Harley the Boar
  • Myukus the Alien
  • Noobus the Marcian
  • Squirmey the Worms
  • V.E.R.N. the Abomination

New Monsters

  • Olly the Aardvark
  • (Guest Monster) Giga Bowser
  • Ringo the Racoon
  • Creepy the Night Crawler
  • Syd the Snail
  • Ferdenand the Frog
  • Timber the Tree
  • Gertrude the Griffon
  • Danny the Dragon
  • Newman the Gnu
  • Perry the Pangolin
  • Billy the Playtapus
  • Icee the Penguin

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