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Rally Rooster is a character who first appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. He is a rooster who acts as a member of the BRUTISH Team. He speaks with a Spanish accent. He was originally a famous wrestler until everyone found out he actually cheated, and he fled until he got to Sunny City.


Rally Rooster was a popular Mexican wrestler back then. He is undefeated as he creams every wrestler he fights with. One day after Rally beats a challenger very easy, the challenger realized something: Rally is actually a cheater as he has tiny iron plates under his knuckles. When his opponent spread the word, the cheering crowd turns into an angry mob and chases after Rally.

Rally ran for hours until he got to Sunny City, where the Blue Ants make him an Elite Hero when they learned about his secret.


Rally can do a combo with his boxing punches and do a crazy spin attack. He also has a Molotov gun that burns enemies. He can do a wrestling slam that crushes a group of enemies. When his energy is full, he becomes invincible and defeats enemies in one hit.


Rally Rooster is more nicer when he is with friends, but when he's out on the field he is a killing machine. Despite being Spanish, he enjoys eating Italian food. The reason is because he mentioned Mexican food "gives him gas". He is also best friends with T-Wrecks, since both of them are nicer than the other BRUTISH Team.

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