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Rakylia is the setting of most of the Platinum Rise games, although it was first revealed in Platinum Rise: Falling Forwards (as the events of Platinum Rise took place entirely inside a 3.14 facility).


  • One-I - A city full of advanced technology, that is capable of floating in the sky
  • Two-II - The smallest city in Rakylia
  • Three-III - A small, homely town
  • Four-IV - A city that is far away from the rest of Rakylia
  • Five-V - A ruined city full of horrific experiments by 3.14
  • Six-VI - The shopping centre of Rakylia
  • Seven-VII - An environmentally friendly town located in the forest
  • Eight-VIII - Ruins of the first city built in Rakylia
  • Nine-IX - The capital of Rakylia
  • Ten-X - Contains a giant power plant to supply electricity to Rakylia
  • Zen Town - This town is meant to allow StreamHumans to live in peace

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