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Raindrop Studios
Raindrop Studios' logo.
Type of Company Videogames
Founder(s) Toad'ShyGuy (tbc)
Founded at/in 2010
Area(s) Served Europe, Japan, North-America, Latin-America, Australia

Raindrop Studios (Formerly known as EAQ Inc.) is a company that was founded by Toad'ShyGuy (tbc). Ever since, it creates videogames, and it also made their own console, the Nintendo RX. The company is now working on a new video game series, Apples.


These are all of the games and fan-fictions made by Raindrop Studios.

Apples Games

Star Plants games

Dawn & Eliane Games

Mario Games

Kirby Games

Pokémon Games

SSB Games

Series Swap Day games



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