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Rainbow Serpent
Rainbow Serpent
The Rainbow Serpent's appearance
Full Name The Rainbow Serpent

Nickname: Vex

Current Age  ??
Gender Female
Species Rainbow Serpent
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Wish Granting


Height 3.437m
Sexuality Pansexual
 The Rainbow Serpent is a special character that gets involved in Judge's goal to construct a portal connecting the Fantendoverse to his Universe. The Rainbow Serpent is believed to be capable of creating a Black Hole Crystal which is needed for both ends of the machine to work. Due to The Fan's and The Enemy's obvious reluctance to create such an object, The Rainbow Serpent is targeted by Judge and many mercenaries as a high value capture, the problem being that the Rainbow Serpent is not only elusive but normally doesn't stay in the normal dimensions.


The Rainbow Serpent looks like a large serpent creature with four very thin, almost cartoon limbs. Each limb has single-digit ends to it which allow for The Rainbow Serpent to move along most surfaces including ceilings due to each appendage creating a sticky substance to hold her to the surface. The Rainbow Serpent is comprised of the seven major colours of the rainbow although her limbs are blue while the other 6 create a pattern on her body. She is able to rotate these six colours by changing the pigment of her skin cells although her limbs are always blue.


The Rainbow Serpent isn't often saught after as her wishes are really only for extreme circumstances and have been known to backfire on rare occasions. The Rainbow Serpent has two personalities, her normal personality and her wish-granting personality. Her normal personality is completely oblivious to her importance to some individuals and allows her to interact with others without even the hint of her abilities as even she, herself is unaware of them. Her Wish-Granting Personality however exhibits a diety-like hubris referring to herself in third-person and adding adjectives such as; All-Knowing, Infinite, Eternal Godly.


It is not known how old the Rainbow Serpent is and very little about her past prior to her involvement in Judge's goals is known. When first introduced she is a worker at a small Inn that orbits a rogue planet, she has stated she was unsure what brought her to the inn although the Inn's Manager has her recoreded working at the Inn for 16 years. After her importance was revealed to the main Fantendoverse Characters, she went into hiding staying with the Fan for a few months before a particular event forced her to travel with a few other Fantendoverse Characters, evading Judge's hunting parties. The Rainbow Serpent would later adopt the name, Vex as some characters found referring to her as "The Rainbow Serpent" annoying and repetitive.


  • Vex possibly originates from a species that reproduces through decapitation, this is evidenced by her extreme reluctance to go near anything particularly sharp such as a Buzzsaw
  • Vex hints that she spent her "College Years" in the 1st Dimension because she had to find herself, no one is sure what Vex means by her "finding herself" and even less sure as to what her "College Years" were
  • Vex shows some natural competence in Chemistry as she helps a few characters create a replacement fuel when they crash on a Non-Sentient Planet


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