Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpant's Alternate Design

The Rainbow Serpent's appearances
Full Name The Rainbow Serpent

Nickname: Vex

Current Age  ???
Gender Female
Species  ???
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Flight, Invisibility, Immense Power
Height 3.437m

 The Rainbow Serpent is an intergalactic demi-deity serpent-like creature who originated in the Xenoverse. All of her powers are currently unknown, but there are some who speculate that the Rainbow Serpent created the Xenoverse, but this has yet to be confirmed.



The Rainbow Serpent looks like a large serpent creature with four very thin, almost cartoon limbs. Each limb has single-digit ends to it which allow for The Rainbow Serpent to move along most surfaces including ceilings due to each appendage creating a sticky substance to hold her to the surface. The Rainbow Serpent is comprised of the seven major colours of the rainbow although her limbs are blue while the other 6 create a pattern on her body. She is able to rotate these six colours by changing the pigment of her skin cells although her limbs are always blue.


Almost everything remains the same, but her limbs and hands/feet are black. She also has a grey bandanna and a rattle snake-like tail made out of metal.


Vex is very kind and mostly uses his powers for good, unless she has been brainwashed, or has blistering fury. Vex is very social, but when he's battling a foe, she's even more so (because he always teases and trash talks her opponents, even when she's losing). You don't want to get on her bad side though, because you can be sure you'll be sent off flying at the speed of light. When she becomes hostile, she'll be very silent and only focuses on destroying his opponent.




  • Vex may possibly be a serpent species from Zadiant, Xeno's home planet