Rainbow Gradient (レインボーグラデーション in Japan.) is a 3D action adventure Horror game developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 on August 29th, 2000 and the GameCube on August 30th, 2002. It focuses on the adventures of Gradiente Arcobaleno as he discovers the dark truth of the world of Rainbow Gradient.


Rainbow Gradient is a very...strange world, to say the least. It's colourful enough to instantly kill someone with epilepsy, yet nobody has died. It has many Gradients, the natives of Rainbow Gradient, which talk to each other very often, but get awkward when talking to humans. Strange.

Gradiente Arcobaleno is one of the many humans that inhabit Rainbow Gradient. Finding a robotic glove called Death Arm, Gradiente puts it on, and gets transported to a horrifying, evil world with loads of satanic imagery. Advancing into the world, he gets ready to fight like hell.

Much later, after defeating all 7 of the Boss Gradients, Gradiente happens upon the final area of Rainbow Gradient; Sadistic Spring. It's home to the final boss; Buio Danno.

After defeating Buio Danno, Gradiente shoots a harpoon into one of it's eyes, followed by shooting the Death Arm into it's other one, and leaves with a chuckle.


The game comes in five areas, which each have many buildings in them. The only building that is in every area is the Station, which acts as a respawn point, start point, and end point.

Reject Ridge

Building Floors Description
Lift Point 1 A ski lift station. Proceed with caution, as the lifts break if you move while on them.
Smuggler's Point 1 A small shack filled with boxes and strange leaves.
Rainbow Mine 1 (4 Basement) A mine that mines small quartz crystals. What's mine is mine!
Raft Rental 1 (1 Basement) A small booth filled with river rafts. It's used as a raft renting area in the peaceful Rainbow Gradient.
Sewers 0 (1 Basement) An extremely spacious sewer.

Awful Atoll

Building Floors Description
Dock 1 A dock with tons of boats!

Insane Icefield

Negative Narrows

Bad Bayou

Oppressive Overhang

Wicked Waterfall

Building Floors Description
Tunnels 1 (1 Basement) Tunnels similar to those behind Niagara Falls.
Mess Hall 1 A large hall made of stone.
Center 2 The center of the area, it looks similar to the lobby of the Niagara Parks building.

Sadistic Spring

Building Floors Descripton
Death Spring 1 Where the final boss is fought.

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