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Rainbow Girl Sydney
Distributor(s) Toho
Genre(s) Slice of Life, Comedy
First Air Date(s)
August 29, 1998
Last Air Date(s)
June 8, 2002
Country of Origin Japan
Original Language Japanese (Dubbed in English by DIC Entertainment)
Season(s) 4
Episodes 128
Runtime 22 minutes
Status Broadcast finished
Rainbow Girl Sydney (虹色少女シドニー Nijiiro Shōjo Shidonī) is a shōjo slice of life anime produced by Driller TV, Inc. The show follows the lives of three cute energetic girls who live in the fictional city of Akihara, California, which is a cheerful anime paradise near Los Angeles.


In the fictional city of Akihara, California, a cheerful anime paraside near Los Angeles, three energetic girls known as Sydney Ochiai (落合シドニー), Shira and Leanne Katsuyami (活闇シラとリアン) totally love the way they are, therefore calling themselves The Rainbow Girls.


  • Sydney Ochiai is the pink-red-orange haired girl with a positive attitude. She is a little crazy, but she loves anime to the max, which affect her grades for a little bit.
  • The Katsuyami Twins consist of Shira and Leanne, who are a little bit more crazy. The pink haired girl is Shira, and the green-pigtailed girl is Leanne.


Development of the anime started in 1996. Super Smash Keyboards 3 was being developed at that time, and they decided to include the characters from the anime onto the home console port of Super Smash Keyboards 3.

Best moments

Life in Japan

In The Vogage to Tokyo, the girls board S. S. Akihara to Japan in yukata. 

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