Rainbow Dash Soul (AKA Rainbow Dash's Soul) is a character in CSB. She is what happened to her after the events of Camwoodstock Adventure , permanently a ghost angel mix, but able to fight. She has AMAZING, the most in fact, HP in the game, but all the other stats excluding defense are bad.

List of special attacks

  • Roaming (She isn't a platformed character, she floats around freely. Walls do still stop her.
  • Rainbow spectrum bullets (Acts like the mega buster in mega man, they home towards the nearest enemy. The colors vary in this pattern. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, loop from red forever.)
  • FINAL SMASH: PUNCH, KICK! (Karate man from the rhythm heaven franchise makes a cameo, where he punches 3 GIANT bombs separately at the foes. All do critical damage She can also throw hyper bombs (but these are weaker) to add insult to injury.)

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