Rainbow Crystal
Appearence from Fantendo:RPG
Item Type MacGuffin
Kind of Item Crystal
First Appearance Pete's Adventure]
Latest Appearance Fantendo:RPG
Healing, creation of Fantendoverse Rainbow
Related Items
Crystal Shards

Rainbow Crystals are reacurring items in the Fantendoverse. They have the power to unseal hearts and are used in the creation and upkeeping of Fantendoverse Rainbow.


Rainbow Crystals first appeared in Pete's Adventure. They appeared at the beginning and end of the game, connecting the Fantendoverse Rainbow. When approached, all health was filled. They appeared again in the sequel, fulfilling the same purpose. In Pinty Land, they once again appeared, but only one was in the game. This time, they played a bigger purpose: Dr. Dastardly breaks the one Crystal into 9 peices and divides them among his most powerful troops. Pinti then travels through the many worlds, defeating DD's big troops and recovering Crystal Shards. After remaking the Crystal Shard, the rainbow is remade and gives Pinti the powerful to break into Dr. Dastarly's castle and blast him into the distance.

Crystal Shards

When broken into peices in Pinti Land and Fantendo: RPG, 9 peices are always created. When put withing a few feet of each other, they will automaticlly bind together, but it will not have full power until all 9 peices are reunited. If one Crystal stays apart too long, the other will distenagrate until the other is remade. When one peice is added to another, a small explosion of healing is created.

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