Rainbow is the seventh episode of Super Mario. It aired on 20th April, 2015.


Main focus

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Toad dumps Rievoah, thinking that their relationship is not working out. Lemon's birthday party is thrown, but unexpected explosions destroy the area. Lemon gets upset and hides in a rabbit hole. Bowser goes down, convincing him that they can just clean the mess up and continue the party, but Lemon ignores him and Bowser ends up getting stuck. Rosalina gets upset, since she doesn't like seeing Lemon upset. Peach says they can think about something, but is just unsure what.

Rievoah tries giving Toadai a try, and asks if he wants to dance. Toadai says that the party, however, is ruined and that he'd rather pass anyway. Tiarer notices Toadette and Toadokay, and asks where Toad is. Toadette says that he has been in the house all day and that he has been acting weird.

Mario bumps into King Bob-Omb, admitting that he is the one who destroyed the party. Mario defeats the king, however, he says that he will be back. Mario tries to warn the others, but since he cannot talk, he just confuses them.

Lemmy and Iggy try to give Lemon a Koopa Cookie. Lemon tries it, but doesn't like it. Rosalina then decides that the best decision would be to rebuild the party.

Toad then decides to join the party, but says he only came to shut Toadette up. He then sees Rievoah trying to convince Toadai to go out with her by giving him a rose. Toadai still rejects her and says that she is annoying him. Rievoah starts looking upset. Berinda says that she can try to convince Toad again, but she says she has had enough and that she's going to sit with their parents.

Lemon appreciates the party gettiing rebuilt and says maybe Bowser is right. Rievoah's dad also says that it looks even better than before.

Suddenly, a group of Bob-ombs attack again. Mario prevents any damage to the party by using an Ice powerup to take them out. King Bob-Omb then storms in. He throws Mario away and notices Toad. Toad tries to run away, but the Bob-omb group kidnap him and take him away. He notices Rievoah, however, grabing a Fire Flower and trying to take him out. She struggles, but then Lemon comes and picks the King up. Rievoah then finishes the King by attacking him with fire balls, forcing him to retreat.

The Bob-omb carrying Toad releases him, but decides to stay. He says he is called Bobbert. He thanks Rievoah for saving him, and agrees to go out with her again. The Bob-omb also gives Tiarer a rose. Lemon also rings a bell to continue the party, but notices Bowser Jr. trying to take the first bite of the cake.


Opening scene

  • Toad : "Hey, Rievoah, there is just something I've gotta say..."
  • Rievoah : "What is it, darling?" (Smiles)
  • Toad : "As you know, we have been going out for... let's say... almost two weeks now, right?"
  • Rievoah : "Yes. We sure have!"
  • Toad : "Well, I've just been thinking about it, and... it's not working out..."
  • Rievoah : "Woah woah woah! Is this a breakup?"
  • (Toad hugs Rievoah and exits the room. Rievoah looks very shocked without blinking)

Bedroom scene

  • Tiarer : "No, no, no! Don't give it to me!"
  • (Tiarer and Berinda are playing Mario Party 6)
  • Berinda : "I win, so you owe me 50 coins!"
  • (Tiarer gives Berinda 50 coins. Rievoah opens the door quickly)
  • Berinda : "Rievoah, what's wrong? You look upset."
  • Berinda : "Hey, hey, hey! Calm down! What's wrong?"
  • Rievoah : (Deep breath) "Toad has dumped me and I don't know why."
  • Tiarer : "Now I understand why Mum doesn't want us to "fall in love" until we are 16."
  • Rievoah : "If you excuse me, I need to drink 5 litres of water."
  • (Rievoah slams the door behind her)

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