Rain Factory
Artwork from Abstracted Planet
Greater Location Earth (pre-Abstraction)
Space (post-Abstraction)
First Appearance Abstracted Planet
Latest Appearance Abstracted Planet
Location Type Island
Included Environment(s)
Notable Resident(s)

The Rain Factory is one of the many islands Earth was separated into after The Abstraction, and one of the worlds available in Abstracted Planet.

Notable Features

Abstract Motes

  • Found after defeating the Water Sprites standing outside the factory
  • Found at the bottom of the Factory's "rubbish dump" (which is now simply a flooded room)
  • Found at the top of a smoke stack, which must be ascended by jumping from rain cloud to rain cloud
  • Found after defeating Tiamat

Glass Shards

  • Found in the factory's bathroom
  • Found hidden behind the Factory



  • Tiamat: The owner of the factory who was turned into a Water Sprite by the Abstraction, and is absorbing a portion of the water the factory produces into herself to become more powerful.


  • Sprite Machine: Machines which produce hostile Water Sprites. They can be rebuilt for ten metal to create friendly Water Sprites instead.

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