Full Name Rain
Current Age 20
Date of Birth 799FC
Gender Male
Species Flesh Golem
Location Noah
Current Status Undead
First Appearance Gate Between
Latest Appearance Gate Between

Rain is a Flesh Golem and clone of Strafe, who has yet to appear in the Strafe series but is a playable summon in Gate Between.


Rain is a Flesh Golem created by an as of yet unrevealed antagonistic Necromancer as an exact duplicate of Strafe; to control the Flesh Golem, he used an advanced Necromancy technique to create a duplicate of Strafe's soul. He then combined the soul and the Golem to create Rain as a Thrall; being a Thrall, the Necromancer managed to take complete control of Rain and force him to attempt to kill Strafe (much to Rain's abhorrence, as his newly created soul still possessed the memories and personality of the real Strafe).

During their battle, Rain was shot through the head by Strafe and killed. His body was found by the Necromancer who attempted to revive him as a Thrall yet again; through sheer force of will, however, Rain managed to overcome the Necromancer's control and kill him (freeing himself from thralldom). Afterwards, he had a custom helmet built to hide his disfigured face and began to wander Aeo as a vigilante.

Gate Between

Rain was chosen by certain deities to be summoned to fight for them to gain control of the Battlefield.

Personal Information

Physical Description

Physically, Rain is identical to Strafe; however, the wound he suffered when he was killed by Strafe caused his face to be largely disfigured. To cover this, he wears a black face-obscuring Armet helmet. For clothing, he usually wears a black trenchcoat over a reddish-brown shirt and black jeans.


When he was first created, Rain's personality was identical to that of Strafe. After discovering that he was a clone, being forced to attempt to kill his progenitor and dying in the process, and being revived, he became noticeably more bitter, however.


Gate Between

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