Hey, I see you've decided to look into Raiders. Good on you, man! It's a spinoff and/or reboot of That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember, so you'll definitely see plenty of faces both old and new. It tends to be a bit more FPS-ey than TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR, with this guy and this lady going around and shooting bandits in the face, Wild West style. I'm not really too important, actually... not yet, anyway, but who knows! Maybe I'll show up in a later game! Thanks to the guns, it tends to be more exciting than the series from which it originates, which - and I'm sure I've made this clearer than clear - is utterly dull and uninteresting. To top things off, you also get to play as lots of characters! More than just that guy and that lady - you get to be a sniper-ghost, a robot-gone-1337, a Frankenstein/Electro hybrid - and that's the Spider-Man villain, not the recolor from Shards of Reality, which is STILL NOT DEAD, I should add. Moving back to characters, uh... maybe I'll be playable someday, too! I mean, this series is inspired in terms of gameplay by that one Borderlands series, right? (Well, "inspired" might be an understatement. The gameplay is freakin' identical!) So since that Claptrap guy was playable in the third, I might get a shot in installment three. I mean, stranger things have happened, right?! Of course, I'm way more charismatic than that Claptrap guy. He's annoying as hell. Completely unlike like me. But oh, this game is fun. It's all about cooperation, teamwork, and blowing stuff to bits! How cool is that?! Anyway, I should probably go. Who KNOWS when the big man will come out of his hibernation?! Of course, that guy could come, but he's a wimp! Nobody likes him! Anyway... Mondo out!!

The Raiders series is a spinoff/reboot of That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember, noteworthy for its much shorter name and - most specifically - its gameplay being less of a platformer and more of a Borderlands-type game.



Like Borderlands, each game has a unique cast of four playable characters, each with their own strengths and abilities that define the ideal strategies for playing as them in battle. However, the game swaps DLC characters for cross-compatibility between games, with players being able to play any of the games with any of the characters from the Raiders games that they own. For example, if a player owned Broken World and its sequel, they would be able to play through Broken World as Plum or Nicolas.

A full list of playable characters can be found here.


Here's a soundtrack.

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