Raider Extreme is a very minor character in the RenarioExtreme series. He is Renan's and Lenan's biological father, who was a legendary traveler and a beadle of Chu Village, a Raichu who loves exploring. After Dr. Mewtwo killed his wife, Reena Extreme, he became sad and depressed about it, attempting to destroy the Mewtwo genius, but Dr. Mewtwo corrupts him (with the help of the Shadow Lord's dark power) by filling his heart with hatred and anger.


Before being corrupted, Raider was a very independant, kind and brave Raichu, but after hs gets corrupted by Dr. Mewtwo, he became cruel, ruthless and sadistic, and will kill his minions if he kills them. He is best friends with BanchoArcanine, who was a toddlerhood friend of him and had traveled with him for years.

Game appearances

Renan: The Lost Raichu

While Renan is at the mountain top, thinking about his true family, the Shine Emperor informs him that his mother died and his father got corrupted by Dr. Mewtwo. After Renan reaches Dr. Mewtwo's true lair, he finds his father standing still, at his pride rock. He then fights his father, but afther his father gets defeated, ZeedMewtwo's soul came out of his body. Renan tried to fight him, but he got defeated easily. With the help of his friends' power, he gets powered up and manages to defeat ZeedMewtwo. After the battle, Renan sobs for the loss of both of his parents, but gets relieved when he sees his father still alive.


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