Developer(s) Inora
Publisher(s) Inora
Platform(s) Wii U, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) 3D Action/Adventure
Series Debutante
Predecessor Debutante

Ragtag is a psuedo-sequel to Debutante taking place in an alternate universe, developed by Inora for TechBreloom's Series Swap Day. The game is a semi-continuation of Debutante, featuring a group of ragtag explorers living on the planet of Hyton who set out to investigate mysterious malicious creatures known as the DGEI.

The game explores various concepts from the first game, featuring a more straightforward and understandable plot, but still featuring abstract concepts open to interpretation. The game got (TBA) reception.


The game is an action/adventure game played by default in the 3rd Person(which can be changed). Players control a character roaming around the planet, solving puzzles, platforming, and entering combat. Combat is either melee styled(ala Arkham Asylumn) or shooting(ala Max Payne). The game works on a mission based style, with players taking on story missions to advance the plot, or play one of the many side missions for a reward.

Players roam the galaxy through a top-down space combat system, allowing players to free roam, avoid various hazards such as meteors and battle enemy ships. As players roam/buy, they can collect parts to upgrade their ship.

The game also operates on an upgrading system. XP gain is focused on doing things. Upgrading mobility is based on exploring, combat is based on fighting, etc. As players reach milestones, they earn new abilities for the character. HP and SP gain is based on exploring though, as players collect tokens they increase HP and SP.

The other primary mode is Debutante, which takes a more similar style to it's predecessor. This means that planets and structures and enemies are randomized, and it goes on forever with new challenges, but still keeps with the main gameplay style. One new addition though, is multiplayer, which allows 3 other people to join in, online or local. They can team up or fight each other.


Hyton is a bustling technologically advanced planet where the higher class live. One teenage boy, son of a rich businessman there, is a dry witted but kind rebel who goes by the codename Ragtag. One day, from his lavish tower, he is communicating with his 3 friends on voice chat. These are: the reserved and intelligent Hacker, the short tempered Fighter, and the upbeat Crash. They are planning something very hush-hush which they are all excited about. They all shut off and head off to meet in the tutorial.

Each of them work together, using their various strengths, such as Ragtag's strategy, Hacker's smarts, Fighter's strength, and Crash's charm to infiltrate a low-security small-time spaceship factory. The four of them all steal a spaceship and fly away from the planet excitedly, all celebrating. In the meantime though, Ragtag's father learns of this and is enraged, sending out the police to capture the kids and return them to Hyton.

The four plan to meet up on a crime-ridden urban planet named Metax, and set out to go to a shopping complex. Ragtag prepares for the next day by getting some sleep at a run-down motel. While Ragtag dreams, he sees a young woman. The two embrace in a hug and kiss, before she vanishes into a puff of smoke. Ragtag looks around aimlessly, feeling an emptiness in his stomach. Suddenly, Ragtag wakes up, and shakes it off, heading to the shopping complex.

The four meet up inside a restauraunt and talk with one another, expressing happiness that they can meet in person again. All of them go over their plan to infiltrate a top-secret building run by Profectum Inc, and begin to plan things up. Out of nowhere though, the Hyton police come inside the restauraunt, surprsing the others. They sneak away through a delivery truck and escape the center, riding it to the Profectum building. All of them sit down to calm down and plan things out, but Ragtag hears someone screaming and he runs into the building. The three others follow quickly behind them.

The four enter the building and find various scientists on the ground, dead, as well as a monster made of gas named the DGEI Giant. With all four together, they work with one another to defeat the Giant, causing it to collapse. In it's place is a dying young woman writhing in pain. Inable to speak anymore, she claws the word CHRYLLO into the ground before she dies. After dying, she explodes into a gas ball that destroys the facility.

The explosion knocks the four unconcious and they find themselves in an alley. The four wake up with Ragtag apologizing for his brashness, with the others understanding. Hacker recalls the message the woman scratched out, Chryllo, which he recognizes as a barren ice planet. With the facility destroyed, they plan to set out to Chryllo for new leads. Suddenly, the Hyton police force catches up with them and they come to capture them. The four of them scatter to confuse the force, and then steal the police force's vehicle, the Worldview. With it, they fly off to Chryllo.

Upon landing, they find themselves in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by immensely low temperatures with no leads. Suddenly, they discover a drome roaming around which is spying on them. They follow the drone, who flees, into a dark icey cave where they come upon a large Yeti-like creature who destroys the drone. This creature, the DGEI Yeti destroys the drone and attacks them. All four of them flee to their ship and eventually escape the Yeti, firing a missile at it that knocks it into a dark pit.

Going back to the cave, they find the destroyed drone's parts and find an address on the side of it. They hop into the ship and fly off, eager to discover what is going on. The team follows the address to a large metallic building, where they get out. However, they are suddenly ambushed by the Hyton police, who capture the group. However, Fighter knocks out an officer, distracting them. Ragtag escapes into the Worldview while they are regrouping and fires at their ship, causing them to get inside. Their ship flies away with the three others on board while Ragtag pursues them.

Ragtag says that he "won't let them go like Spy" and follows the ship, attacking it as hard as he can. This forces the ship to go through an asteroid belt to lose him. Ragtag is relentless though, and ends up hitting an asteroid. This heavily damages the ship and knocks Ragtag unconcious. Ragtag's life flashes in front of his eyes. TBA





Enemies and BossesEdit