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Ragoton Koopa
Rago's slight redesign by OhNoItsAiva
Full Name Ragoton Voodoo Koopa
Current Age Not Described (he was created)
Date of Birth Unknown (created by Nolan Cody Koopa)
Gender Male
Species Koopa Voodoo Doll
Current Status Alive
Height 4'11 (due to him being a doll)
Weight 30 lbs (due to the cotton in him)
Rago Koops

Why did you even make me?
Ragoton asking Nolan about himself.

Ragoton Voodoo Koopa, or simply Rago Koopa, is an unusual koopaling. He is a strange looking Voodoo doll created by Nolan Cody Koopa. The explaination of his creation from Nolan is unknown. Rago was created when Nolan was 14, which means Rago is 7-8 years old.


Due to Nolan "sucking" at making dolls, Rago's body is mostly stiches. His hair is actually Iggy's dried up hair. His skins and head is made from yarn. His eyes are red buttons, so it is unknown how Rago can see. His leg appears to have cotton showing.


Rago has a not-so-normal life Though he takes his "bathes and showers" in a washing and drying machine, he is a threat to most of the koopalings. His only friends are Nolan (because he created him) and Aidan (because Aidan is psychic).


  • He was created because Aiva wanted to make a "more original" koopaling.
  • The original image was actually drawn on August 21.
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