Mortals, such fools who take life for granted and waste it. Never knowing that we are constantly in pain and have lived an eternity of darkness!
Ragell, Medieval Dawn

Full Name Ragell
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth September, 1109
Gender Male
Current Status Deceased, Undead
Class Mage
Main Weapon(s) Energy Staff
Ability/ies Black Magic
Vulnerable To Takes Hits Equally
First Appearance Medieval Dawn

Ragell is an Undead Mage and main antagonist of Medieval Dawn. Ragell's goal is to manipulate the other undead into somehow absorbing the Human Soul to make them mortal again, Ragell then would absorb the souls from the undead and become the Ultimate Being.


Ragell has a cruel lust against mortal, living humans. He an other undead massacre towns and other areas because of their desperate hunger for life. Ragell is psychotic and mad after having stayed under the surface of the earth for approximately 200 years and this builds up as his plans to become the Ultimate Being unfold.


Ragell is a skeleton in appearance, with his bones covered in dirt and decayed areas due to a large amount of time underground. Ragell dons fairly smooth Black Robes and his Energy Staff, which is used to kill humans and other creatures which delay him.