This article relates to Tess' appearance solely in Radioactive Remastered. Please see Tess for a more general article.

Tess, in Radioactive Remastered.
Full Name Tess Slater
Current Age 19
Date of Birth September 1
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Gender Female, Various
Species Martian
Home Stage Retro Arena
Universe Radioactive / Vermilion
Debut Radioactive
Class Martian Mad Hatter
Main Weapon(s) Gun
Element(s) Fire
Ability/ies Persona summoning

Tess is the first confirmed participant in the Radioactive Remastered tournament. Despite this, it is speculated that Tess doesn't have a major role in the plot.


The most normally abnormal being you'll ever meet. Tess' race originates from Mars, which was blown up previous to Radioactive. Tess' family decided to preserve her through sending her away through an escape pod on the planet, which subsequently crash landed into one of the Radioactive domes, which broke, and allowed her to unofficially debut into the competition. Using the whole she created once entering, she and few others managed to escape before the arena spontaneously exploded from a bomb one of the Radioactive officials used to wipe out the remaining contestants.

Radioactive Remastered

To be determined...


Basic or Standard Moves, they do the basic amounts of damage to the opposing player and have no special bonuses.
Neutral Tess equips her gun and shoots either to the left or the right.
Side Tess mercilessly slides down, tackling anyone who gets in the way.
Up Tess punches the air, and anyone above her fist.
Down Tess summons Taron and is able to grow and harvest crops in the ground.
Intensified Moves, they are activated through using combinations and replace the standard moves whilst in the combo. They deal 5% more damage than basic moves when performed accurately.
Intensified Neutral Tess equips her gun, and shoots either to the left or the right three consecutive times.
Intensified Side Tess summons Scythe, and the two play jump rope on the stage. The rope trips any player who doesn't jump in time with the rope.
Intensified Up Tess jumps into the air before mimicking a drill, and drills into the ground, submerging anyone underneath.
Intensified Down Tess places a land mine which explodes after 10 seconds. The detonator can be heard as the countdown sounds.
Radioactive Moves, they are used when the character fills up their power gauge. Once the power gauge is filled, the Radioactive moves take over the standard moves. They deal 10% more damage and can deal the Radioactive status condition on opponents, which makes their health degenerate over time.
Radioactive Neutral Tess summons Vermilion and the two have a fight, with any participant caught in the middle taking damage.
Radioactive Side Tess creates an aura around her which makes her immune to projectile attacks. It fades after 30 seconds, or 20 seconds if she has used a fighting move whilst having the aura.
Radioactive Up Tess creates a hole with her drill technique, and places a trap over the top of it to cover it from the eyes of the other fighters. Any fighter who falls into the trap becomes stunned and faces a heavy fall.
Radioactive Down Tess summons the silhouette and they together place a series of bombs around the stage. For every bomb that explodes, the more health Tess will regenerate.
Remastered, also known as finishers or other similar moves. It is the signature move of the character and is used when the enemy is near-death. The move, if hit accurately, will definitely kill the opposing enemy, and will make the character gain extra experience points and other benefits when the fight is over.
REMASTERED Tess summons Taron, Vermilion, Scythe and ???? and they all fight against the enemy with various different moves. She then summons the dark silhouette, who violently slashes at the enemy, killing them.


  • Tess was the first revealed participant in the second game.

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