Radical Aces 3
Developer(s) Radical Play
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U, PC
Release Date(s)
June 1, 2016
Single Player, Multiplayer
Genre(s) Flying, Combat, Action
Series Radical Aces
Radical Aces 3 is an action combat game with Ships, Mechs and Tanks for Nintendo Wii U and PC. This takes place in the year 3050. Aliens from Planet Zappor are still facing extinction because their planet is running out of resources. They have located our Solar System and they want to inhabit Earth, but they cannot inhabit it while the 3 stations are operational. You are the only one who can save humanity from the Zapporians.

The Stations

The stations are the things that stopping the Zapporians from inhabiting Earth and destroying Humanity. There 1 station on Mars. Another on the Moon and 1 on Earth.


People can also play Radical Aces 3 Online Multiplayer. You can play as a Radical Ace or a Zapporian. The matches are held at the stations. If the Radical Aces win, they earn extra Specials for their Ships to use in Singleplayer and Multiplayer. If you level up, you get you play against better Zapporians.


This is the Story mode of Radical Aces 3. In this mode there are a total of 67 Missions. Zapporians will evolve as you progress through the storyline.

Radical Ace Vehicles


  • Sky Bullet
  • Hammer Head
  • Dragon Bird
  • Silver Legend
  • Camoflague
  • Rocket Rider
  • Air Viper
  • The Goblin
  • The Destroyer*
  • Stealth
  • Enemy Eliminator

More ships to come. W.I.P



More tanks to come. W.I.P


Mechas are coming soon. W.I.P

Zapporian Vehicles


  • E-Dacos
  • Contras Ghosts
  • Festa Worms
  • Pyramid UFO
  • Exezer Squid

More ships coming soon, W.I.P.


  • Zonich Tank
  • Matlos Tank
  • Dorinio Tank

More tanks coming soon, W.I.P


Mechas are coming soon, W.I.P

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