Rad Punch Garden
Rad punch garden
Developer(s) Pokeytech
Publisher(s) Pokeytech
Platform(s) Pataton
Release Date(s)
1-8 Players
Genre(s) Fighting/Party

Rad Punch Garden is the first game to be developed by Pokeytech. It is a fighting game similar to the Super Smash Bros. series; but exclusively features characters, locales, and items from independent role-playing games.


Punch ModeEdit

The game's main multiplayer mode and the simplest in the game, though its parameters can be adjusted to the liking of the player(s). Up to 8 characters are selected, followed by the battle stage's selection. In all honesty, it's not too different from that one Nintendo fighting game... what was it called? Sonic the Fighters?

Adventure ModeEdit

One of the two main single player modes, it has no real story and plays out more like a selection of levels based on the properties the characters are originally from. Players select a character, the amount of lives that character will have, and the difficulty parameter; and then must play through numerous levels until the final boss is reached. There are also smaller bosses which will impede the player's progress. 

Rad ModeEdit

The other main single player mode. It consists of a number of matches (based on the difficulty the player selected at the beginning) against randomly-selected opponents, although the last three are always the Fighting Voxel Army, Metal Quote (wait a second, Quote is already metal... oh, nevermind), and King Asgore. On higher difficulties, Asgore will be followed by another boss who also has roots in Undertale.

Garden ModeEdit

The final mode, unlocked after Adventure and Rad mode are completed on any difficulty that is 5.0 or above. In this mode, the selected character will fight all the game's characters (that have been unlocked) grouped accordingly by series. In between, the player will be taken to the Secret Garden where a limited supply of healing items exists. The player will be rewarded for completing the mode without and with all the characters unlocked.

Stadium ModesEdit

Contains many fun, classic games; such as Hit The Dummy Really Far, Decimate The Objects Which May Or May Not Be Targets (It's Your Call Dude), and Variable Voxel Army where the player can fight against a set number of Voxel enemies. 

Every so often, the Dummy in the first game will become angered at you and a secret boss battle will initiate.


Available from startEdit

  • Phillip (space funeral)
  • Leg Horse (space funeral)
  • Madotsuki (yume nikki)
  • Nomad + Talkative Revolver (middens)
  • The Batter (off)
  • Asgore (undertale)
  • Quote (cave story)
  • Balrog (cave story)
  • Hoopz Barkley (barkley shut up and jam gaiden)


  • Dracula (space funeral)
  • Poniko/Uboa (yume nikki)
  • Monoe (yume nikki)
  • Mettaton (undertale)
  • Curly Brace (cave story)
  • Cyberdwarf (barkley: shut up and jam gaiden)
  • Kid Radd (kid radd)
  • Ao Oni (ao oni)
  • Sugar Man (megaman sprite game)
  • J. Mascis (lead singer and guitarist of the 1980s rock band dinosaur jr.)


  • Secret Garden- One of the few original stages in the game, it's an indoors garden in an old temple that somewhat resembles a mix between the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure 2 and the surreal dreamscapes of LSD Dream Emulator. The most even, fair stage; and most serious battles or tournaments are held here.
  • Scum Village- The starting area from Space Funeral and the hometown of Phillip. The Swamptrogg appears every so often to attack the players, but through a little tough love he can be swayed to the allegiance of any given character.
  • City of Forms- Another area from Space Funeral. The landscape constantly changes appearance, from garbled graphics and colors to generic RPG Maker assets.
  • Mars- As seen in Yume Nikki. The first area of the stage takes place on the red surface of Mars, and the second inside a cave/factory/spaceship area where Mars-san can be seen.
  • Balcony- Madotsuki's balcony from Yume Nikki. One of the smallest areas of terrain in the game, it leads to close-quarters combat.
  • Snowdin Bridge- This lengthy bridge hailing from Undertale is constantly plagued by traps and obstacles hanging down from ropes (including flamethrowers, buzzsaws, and dogs.) There are no obvious KO zones aside from the screen's left and right sides, but keen players might realize attacking the supports at either side of the bridge will cause it to give way and reveal the icy abyss below.
  • Plantation- The climactic area from Cave Story. Much like its original iteration, the Plantation is one of the game's largest areas. Terrain includes grassy areas, fishing ponds, and lots and lots of sprinklers.
  • Neo New York- Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden took place in this dystopian city, where basketball is a crime punishable by death. Not many gimmicks will plague the fighters in this stage, although there is a Pump strolling along a telephone wire that constantly spouts annoying quotes about vidcons. Luckily, it can be hit and killed (this counts as a point.)